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In his article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko discusses the correlation between the ongoing obesity problem in America and how fast-food restaurants are inevitably to blame. Giving several explanations to back his position, Zinczenko eventually—although briefly—brings in statistical information in regard to diabetes, and how this statistic has altered in the last few decades. According to a NIH research study found by Zinczenko, diabetes was a disease generally caused by a genetic disorder (Type 1). It accounted for roughly 95-percent of all diabetic cases in America, but by 1994 that percentage dwindled down to the point where obesity-related (Type 2) cases had become the more common. With an increase in Type 2 diabetes, it is hard not to put the blame on the fast-food industry. It comes to the question of whether being overweight is a genuine medical problem or a result of cultural influences.

It is often said that Type 2 diabetics have contracted their disease as a result of poor diet and lack of exercise. Although this statement may seem a bit forward, it is for the most part true. However, like its Type 1 counterpart, Type 2 diabetes can also have a hereditary component. So what is more to blame for the sudden rise of Type 2 in recent decades — genetics or being overweight? Many people will assume it to be the latter, given the gargantuan upsurge of overweight and obese individuals in recent years. Surely, being overweight will increase your risk for developing certain diseases, but then again, so will smoking. Smoking can be considered a medical problem, but it is also derived from cultural influence and the choices we make. Overall, then, I believe the same can be applied to our nutritional choices and whether we are at healthy weight or are overweight.

In his article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko asserts his position regarding the topic between fast-food restaurants and the role they have played in the ever-increasing obesity epidemic in America. Identifying the fast-food industry as the...

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