Does Knowledge Lead To Liking? Essay

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Does Knowledge Lead to Liking? If so, Is The Connection Interest?
Jazmine N. Smith
Georgia State University

Does Knowledge Lead to Liking? If so, Is The Connection Interest?
According to popular belief as you learn more about someone the more you will like them. Many have studied whether or not it is true. Norton, Frost, & Ariely (2007) studied this and found the opposite. Reis, Maniaci, Caprariello, Eastwick, & Finkel (2011a) researched this same topic and found that increasing amounts of knowledge lead breedsto the desire for liveto interacinteract.tion. Both sets of authors made direct connections from knowledge and liking. Neither of them considered the presence of an intermediary. There is something causing you to take the knowledge you gather and then like a person. You acquire an interest from that knowledge which leads you to want to know more, or like a person. Knowledge leads you to interest which leads you liking. Norton et al. (2007) had a few more issues. TThe authors of Norton et al.(2007hey did wellwere successful in the use of a trait-based paradigm as a realistic form of gathering information, but t. Their limitations they put on their research restricted their ability to generalize their findings to the general population.
The mMajority of society operates under the common psychological principalunder the concept that increased amounts of knowledge breeds increased levels of liking. Norton et al. (2007) and Reis et al. (2011) conducted studies and responses related to this topic. Norton et al. (2007) found that increasing amounts of knowledge leads to dislike. In opposition, Reis et al. (2011a) found that knowledge promotes the desire to interact. Both articles were simultaneously similar and different. They were similar in their use of college students and the use of a realistic element to their study. In contrast, tThe articles greatly differed in the volume of studies, methods choice of study and results volume of studies. Norton et al. (2007) conducted five studies comparable to Reis et al.’s (2011a) and its use inclusion of two studies. Norton et al. utilized encompassed a trait based paradigm while, Reis et al. (2011a) utilized encompassed a live-interaction paradigm. They also differed greatly in results. Norton et al. (2007) found knowledge to lead to dislike, while Reis et al. (2011a) found knowledge to lead to attraction.
Norton et al. (2007) succeeded in did well with the use of a trait based paradigm in their study. ManyWe use lists of traits to learn about people every day. (Norton, Frost, & Ariely, 2011). People We use traits as a reference of people character be it through casual conversation or by looking at a person’s Facebook via their personally compiled characteristics in the about section or visuals from the movies and music section. The use of traits to as a method of gathering information was realistic. Norton et al. (2007) fails in their direct connection between knowledge and liking through...

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