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Health care providers are not the only ones to adapt to changes in the world around them. Administration advances involving diagnostic and therapeutic procedures present a new invention of information technologies. The internet for one, presents a profound challenge that organizations must now undertake. Health care organizations need to start preparing now for the changes ahead with advanced applications and the exchange of health care information via the internet. This paper will address the growing demand for a true enterprise model, and the market needs health care organizations will need to recognize to stay ahead of the obstacles.
A “true” enterprise in health care
The process of implementing a “true” enterprise model in health care arena indeed presents many challenges. For one, the information and system in general requires modeling of the organizational end through a software system (DeVault, 2013). The degree that adaptions are implemented will depend on the successfulness of the installation. According to DeVault, 2013), a well enforced system allows an organization to decide how software works. Even though systems do allow for variation it would not be the ideal situation. DeVault (2013), argues that larger organizations must have precise models which would be a far too expensive realistic proposition.
In reality the software modeling phase involving implementation would need a geographic region mapping system according to DeVault (2013). Basically the more details there are the larger the map must be. Longer time would be needed to create a larger mapping system. Typically a larger scale map involves more expenses with time and resources to create it. Even though with mapping systems in place the finer details of the program may not be assessed.
Health care systems and market changes
To remain competitive and up to date on developments, key market changes need to be monitored for success. With administrative and health care practices the delivery of services in developments in...

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