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In the words of Halima Bashir, “my whole life is one bad luck story” (261). Education is a massive issue in Tears of the Desert. Halima is relentlessly struggling for her right to learn and be treated equally in Sudanese schools. Additionally, Sudan’s education system is far more challenging to succeed in than America’s and is often cut short for most due to personal obstacles. Halima sincerely uses friendships to her advantage and tries to break the silence between the people of Sudan about how tainted the country’s educational system certainly is. One could imply, that Sudan is a corrupt country as a whole.
In America, a vast majority of students can freely go to school and get an education without being looked down upon by reason of their social status. However, in Sudanese schools, the tribal students are frequently judged by the wealthier town’s people. For instance, in chapter seven: Fight School, Halima says, “If I was to stay at this school I would have to fight for what I felt was right. I just wanted to be treated fairly, and as an equal” (79). Yet, she cannot control the fact that she is from a village and she is completely aware that she cannot change her tribal roots. Halima, becomes even more conscious of this when she sees a town house in chapter eight: Resistance for Grandma, “As I looked around at Aisha’s beautiful house, I realized that we inhabited separate worlds and lives, one that only ever collided at the school. Each of these houses had electricity and water, things that the rest of the town’s inhabitants could barely dream of” (99). Still, equal treatment is not Halima’s only setback. The fact that she is a women causes even more hardships for her.
In America, many female students are permitted to get a college level education. Then again, according to Mohamed Hilaly:
“Girls in Darfur often drop out of school. (DELETE How can access to education be improved?) Schoolgirls from West Darfur State often hope for academic success, regardless of whether they live at camps for the internally displaced or in cities. However, they are frequently deterred from fulfilling their aspirations by family, society and difficult conditions facing many in West Darfur.”
For example, arranged marriages and recruitment into the war has caused many Sudanese students to abandon hope on obtaining a proper education. Many of Halima’s friends in the novel start to become drawn from her independent traits as they drop out of school and get married. In chapter eleven: Dream to Be, as Halima is preparing to go to her university and she states, “As Mona, Najat, Samirah, and Makboulah gathered around to congratulate me, I could see just a hint of envy in their eyes. This was the beginning of the end of our friendship, as...

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