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The short story GRAVITY really does have a kind of gravity as it pulls you in to the protagonist Theo’s life. From the very first sentence pulls you into the plot of the story and continues to give you the background of the story thus far. His choice of having to stay on medication that would either keep him alive are making go blind gives you a look into characters thought process as he chooses the simpler choice of keeping his site. But it isn’t really a simpler choice for him he then reminisces about a time when he was younger and a trip that he took with his mother and how very important his site truly meant to him then as well. Which brings us to our next character his mother Sylvia. In just the first few paragraphs not only do you learn about the type of person feel is but also the type of person has mother Sylvia is and how it’s through her she actually receives his strength that will come to more of that later on.
We find the character feel after having made the choice having to now also make the choice to move back in with his mother so that she can help care for him. We also find out that this is not the first time for the character Sylvia to go through this is she is already been through this once before watching her own mother die and taking care of her. All this information is can be to us in the third person point of view in the first two paragraphs the rest of the story takes place in a more first-person point of view.
Sylvia and Theo are spending the day together going shopping for a gift for a party that they will be attending later. They talk back and forth about different ideas and how they shouldn’t be given a tacky gift or a cheap one. Mother and continue to have a discussion about what could be an appropriate gift as she wants to make sure they are giving something that is getting but also is inexpensive. I feel the passage and best shows their discussion is this “So naturally, it stands to reason that I have to get something truly spectacular for Howard’s engagement. Something that will make Bibi blanch.” (Leavitt, 2006)
the plot development of this short story is shown throughout the discussion that the mom and son have showing the relationship that they’ve developed over the years with him as a young child and her sharing her glasses with him so that he can see and continues until he’s sick and she’s taking care of him while he’s dying. Throughout this story Sylvia tries to maintain a sense of normalcy and not really discussing with him the fact that he’s sick but there are moments that she shows her concern. “She pulled the car into a handicapped parking place on Morse Avenue and got out to help Theo, but he was already hoisting himself up out of his seat, using the door handle for leverage. “I can manage myself,” he said with some irritation. Sylvia step back.” (Leavitt, 2006)
later in the story while they’re in the shop Sylvia then tries to prove that feel is not a weakling and tries to make up I feel for the moment...

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