"European Civilization : Created By The Masses" 19th Century Ideologies,1920's 1930's Dictatorships,Aftermath Of The World Wars.

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-Over view- This 12 page paper reviews 19th century ideologies (political and economical). Reviews France and Britian during the French and Industrial Revolution periods. Talks about WW1 and the crisis it presented, also the breakdown in European Order thru invoked treaties. It goes over 1920's-1930's dictatorships leading to WW2. Then a summary of Capitalism,Communism,and Socialism trying to mesh. This Paper also references afew facts from my essay "Industrial Revolution: From Blood and Iron", since they were so closely related.-------------------------------------------------------EUROPEAN CIVILIZATION: CREATED BY THE MASSES-------------------------------------------------------Civilization has been driven by three major embodiments: Politics, Society, and Economics. All three are set to where they feed into each other in a cycle. Civilization was also massively driven by ideologies, especially once we reached the eighteenth and nineteenth century. In social/political standpoint: Nationalism, Conservatism, Liberalism, and Socialism were the main ideologies represented. Economically, Capitalism and Imperialism were heavily developed.Nationalism, where every "people" forms a nation based on a common culture, language, and heritage. Conservatism, where a stable nation is based from a hierarchy and personal freedom/equality are not included in its "stability". Liberalism is where people are free to make decisions without involvement from a hierarchy. Socialism is a state where people are equal and receive equal benefit from its nation's economy.All of these ideologies were somehow represented and developed throughout the nineteenth century. These ideologies fused with religion were able shape and destroymany countries into an economical powerhouse, or a dissident nation on a downward spiral. What was mostapparent of the civilizations in Europe were its classes struggling for dominance or recognition.France emerged showing the greatest change of relationship between classes from the nineteenth century. This country had seen many revolutions, and gone through many governmental changes. This country had quite possibly seen the most astounding change in government in the history of Europe.At the first half we saw France as oppressing bankrupt monarchy making empty promises trying to keep what they had left of a crumbling infrastructure. The revolution that would ensue was a series of events that would shake their society (economically, politically, and socially). What was now termed "The Crisis from Above" originated in the bankruptcy of the monarchy. The two classes under the microscope were the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariats. The rising French middle class, the Bourgeoisie who Engels and Marx defined as:"the class of modern capitalists, owners of the means of social production, and employers of wage-labor." (Cited from The Communist Manifesto. Marx and Engels)had been tripling over the century and were not being correctly represented politically...

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