How Is The Story Told In Robert Brownings The Laborotry?

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LaboratoryRhyme form meter -12 quatrain stanza's evenly spaced giving the poem a calm and controlling feeling despite the poem being about blood spill and poison.The rhyme scheme in this poem is just as even and regular as the spacing. Each stanza has two pairs of rhyming lines (we call thosecouplets). AabbMeter- anapestic tetrameter.kind of tricky balance Browning is working out between beauty and horror. He's talking about really ugly things, but he does it in this beautiful, orderly, and controlled way. Even when he's describing someone's horrible death, the lines keep rolling rhythmically along. That's how this poem gets inside your head - it forces you to think about the beauty of ugliness and the ugliness of beauty.Setting - Just like the title tells us, this takes place in a laboratory. We don't get a lot of details, but the ones we do get give us a pretty good feeling for the atmosphere. There's smoke and dust and mysterious potions all over the place. The speaker even calls it a "devil's-smithy." We imagine it looking like a mad-scientist's lab in a horror movie-dark and gloomy and full of strange and creepy things. It's a place for evil plans and gruesome talk. In other words, it's just the right location for this twisted tale.Title - The title, "The Laboratory," may not seem like much, but it does a few different things in this poem. On the most basic level, it sets the scene. Even though the speaker of the poem never says it, we know from the beginning that this all takes place in a laboratory. On a broader level, we think it also helps Browning build up the mysterious, sinister mood of this poem.Dramatic monologue, The Dramatic Monologue"The Laboratory" is basically a single, uninterrupted speech delivered by one character in the poem to another. In a play, that's what you would call a monologue.Symbolim - glass mask - it helps contribute to the atmosphere of coldness, danger, and isolation that runs through the poem. You'd only need a glass mask if you were working with something dangerous.Line 41: Near the end of the poem, she takes off the mask. Her work here is done, and she can finally take off...

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