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A seventeen year old boy named Richie Perry is a black high school graduate from Harlem. He travels to Vietnam to fight in the United States Army. When Richie leaves for Vietnam, he thinks about all the illusions about the war. While scared of war, he hopes that his medical profile he received for a knee injury will be processed and prevent him from combat. When Richie arrives in Vietnam he befriends Harold Gates, also called Peewee throughout the story. When Richie and his new company are stationed their sergeant assures they would encounter only easy, light work. When out on a patrol Richies friend and member of his army company Jenkins is killed by a landmine. Richie is deeply shaken about this event. Soon after Riches becomes sick and misses a patrol with his company. This causes him to be placed into another for a day to go on another patrol due to missing one. During this patrol his company open fires on a believed to be enemy position. Turn out that the enemy position was actually another company patrolling. This part plays a big toll in Richies thought process of Vietnam. platoon leader, Lieutenant Carroll, is killed during a combat mission. Richie then returns to his old company and finds himself in a new kind of mission. They are to defend the friendly village they’re giving supplies to so the Vietcong can’t take the supplies. During this mission a firefight breaks out and the platoon leader Lieutenant Carroll is killed. This shocks and hurts the entire platoon, Richie was then made to write a letter home to Lieutenant Carrolls wife and family. As hopeful peace talks are happening Richie confronts the uncomfortable question of what he will do when he returns home. For his family is too poor to send him to college, his father abandoned the family and his mother has become an alcoholic. Richie is then wounded in the leg by a bullet wound in a battle and transferred to a hospital. He is then declared healthy and ordered to rejoin his unit after a few peaceful weeks. When he returns to his old company he learns Squad leader Sergeant Simpson has be sent home, and his replacement is the racist Sergeant Dongan who places black soldiers in the most dangerous positions. Soon the squad tensions grow and the Squad leader Sergeant Dongan is killed, and replaced by one of its own soldiers, Corporal Brunner. Corporal Brunner then lead the men on a deadly mission to...

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719 words - 3 pages There are many similarities from the novel Fallen Angels and the movie Platoon. Both Platoon and Fallen Angels took place during the Vietnam War. Fallen Angels and Platoon are similar in the protagonists, the settings, and the climax. The protagonists in Fallen Angels and Platoon are very similar. In Fallen Angel the protagonists name Richie Perry and in Platoon the main character is named Chris Taylor. They are both fighting in the Vietnam War

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2210 words - 9 pages The Fallen Angels in Paradise Lost       The fallen angels are Satan's minions and the voices by which Milton may express a variety of opinions and views, showing the diversity and intricacies of Hell, and the immorality of their actions and proposals. Whilst we are often impressed by the skill with which the individual leaders perform their tasks and speeches, we are never left in any doubt as to the truth of G-d

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548 words - 2 pages chest and twisted it hard." Him saying this shows that he is sympathetic about others.In "Fallen Angels", I believe that there is one character that really makes the story more interesting and he is Harold Gates also known as Peewee. One can say that Peewee is flippant and humorous at the same time. For example, he keeps thinking that all the Vietnamese are Viet Cong. There was a Vietnamese girl cleaning when they were in Vietnam and Peewee told


1007 words - 5 pages first estate of holiness. This infers that the angels must have been holy to have fallen. (Jude 1:6) These angels are called fallen angels. They stand in opposition to God’s work and plan. The holy angels kept their first estate by walking in perfect obedience to God’s will. For whoever is ashamed [here and now] of Me and My words in this adulterous (unfaithful) and [preeminently] sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man also be ashamed

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1245 words - 5 pages Third sphere: consisting of: 7. Principalities, 8. Archangels, 9. Angels. The lowest ranking and often used to communicate divine messages to humanity. (Wikipedia.org) A fallen angel, often referred to a demon in Christian Theology is an angel who has been exiled or banished from Heaven. This banishment is a punishment for disobeying or rebelling against God as described in Revelation 12 relating to the war in heaven, the book of Jude


2586 words - 10 pages be focusing on a New Testament theology of angels.In examining this subject, there are three major areas that must be addressed. First, one must determine if the New Testament teaches the existence of angels. If so, then one must ask , what are the nature and function of these angelic beings? If the first premise is found to be affirmative, then one must determine if all angels are still in a state of grace or if some have fallen from that

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2276 words - 9 pages , usually appearing friendly to Muslims, but frightful to non-Muslims who are especially sinful. Another angel “Malik” is defined in the Qur’an as a being who is the Keeper of the Seven Hells. However Malik is not an evil angel, nor a fallen one, he is merely doing what he is commanded to do by Allah. Islam also teaches Muslims that there are four different angels that guard them each. Two are in the day and two of them are

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1635 words - 7 pages the struggles that take place in this world are influenced by conflicts taking place in the spiritual realm – conflicts that are the result of Satan’s rebellion against God. Aligned with Satan is a host of fallen angels who joined him in his rebellion. Together, they make up a spiritual kingdom of darkness over which Satan rules as king. From the beginning, Satan’s kingdom has been at war with the kingdom of God, and the people of God have always

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1548 words - 6 pages that only with the freedom to choose do a person's actions become meaningful and sincere. This idea also helps Milton to explain the importance of "the fall" and God's ultimate plan. Throughout the book, free will is demonstrated not only by Adam and Eve, but also Satan and the other fallen angels, as well as God's Son. Each character's fate further explains why freedom is so important in expressing true feelings. In Paradise Lost, Milton


3003 words - 12 pages angels sided and fell with him. One third remained in heaven, and one third were neutral (Godwin 149). The focus of this paper will be on the angels of heaven who make up the heavenly hierarchy and the fallen angles of hell. The creation of the angelic hierarchy is attributed to Pseudo-Dionysius. St Ambrose is responsible for the categories of angels which were taken from traditions whose origins are lost in time (Bloom 59). There are three

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2110 words - 9 pages God's army against Lucifer and the other rebellious fallen angels and he holds the highest rank among the Angels. Michael is known as a champion and protector of the Jewish people during the time of the Apostles. He is described as the Guardian Angel of the Catholic Church, helper in battle, and defender of souls. Michael is an advocate of the dying, consoler of the souls in purgatory. He is the guardian of the Blessed Sacrament, protector of the

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1119 words - 5 pages In the novel "Fallen Angels" all the elements of literature were vividly written and imagined. One element of literature is the plot. In the novel the main external conflict was the war itself. This was the fighting of South Vietnam against North Vietnam. However with the war came many complications or little conflicts surrounding the characters in the novel. On complication is an internal conflict within Perry the main character. This is when

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1772 words - 7 pages him to not receive a medical discharge, Perry gets an unexpected ticket to the Vietnam War. In Fallen Angels, the major subjects include the history in The Vietnam War and war itself, Perry’s self discovery in war and the moral vagueness of war is represented. The themes of Friendship, Innocence and Racism are all reflected in the book. Friendship reflects the bond that Richie makes with Peewee Lobel, Lieutenant Carroll, Monaco and the rest of the

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682 words - 3 pages Walter Dean Myers wrote the book Fallen Angels which is about America's experiences in the Vietnam War as told by the main character, Richie Perry. Perry goes through multiple metamorphoses and witnesses some of his good friends murdered in battle fighting for a cause that no one could agree upon. The book contains 4 other main characters, Lobel, Johnson, Brunner, and Peewee.The book begins explicating about the experiences of Perry while he is
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