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In the book Night, one of the characters kills their own “father for a piece of bread” (Wiesel 96). As seen in the quote, inhumanity to man has been a recurring quality in history for the self-interest and greed of human. Being killed over a morsel of bread had been a frequent occurrence during the Holocaust, a time when atrocity was meted out to innocent civilians for the preconceived notion that “there was no infallible guide for human action beyond the principle of self-interest.” ("Plato's Republic") Khmer Rouge and British rule in Jhansi, India are also prime examples of how inhumanity to man was accepted in order to satisfy the goal of humanity. Essentially, man’s primitive instinct of inhumanity to man has been prominent throughout history and serves to accomplish our intuition of achieving the best for ourselves.
To begin with, the Holocaust was a period in European history where approximately six million Jews were killed as a result of Adolf Hitler's theory that the Jews were the reason of financial instability in Germany. Execution methods of Jews were seen in concentration camps, where sparse food and a diet of stale bread with tasteless soup was provided. All in the process, false promises of receiving better work and pay was used as a persuasion method to ensure that the Jews were in concentration camps for self advancement. On November 3, 1943, 18,000 Jews in Majdenek were murdered by firing squad in Hitler's, "Operation Harvest Festival," in an act of clearing out detainees. The actions were inhumane, yet what was most merciless was that during the mass murder, "music played over the loudspeakers to drown out the sound." (Witherbee) Humanity didn't spare even the smidgen of mercy to enable last cries of mercy and grief to be heard. Philosopher, René Descartes, had proposed the "evil genius," as a powerful and malicious spirit. However, Hitler was truly a "evil genius" in the form of a human with all the inhumane actions he had carried out to satisfy his hunger for power and hatred toward Jews.
Furthermore, on April 17, 1975, the Communist Party of Kampuchea, or Khmer Rouge, overtook Cambodia. Their mission was to transform Cambodia into a rural and egalitarian society in which there were neither the rich nor the poor, as well as no exploitation. Religious buildings, schools, shops, etc. were converted into prisons and detainment centers. Owning of public property was not allowed, and leisure activities were banned. Every citizen, including leaders of the Khmer Rouge, wore black outfits, and everyone's mother and father were the Angkar Padevat, or the leaders of the Khmer Rouge. Essentially, the Khmer Rouge created a utopian society with a totalitarian government. During this time, two million people were murdered because they were considered "pure" by the Khmer Rouge. The mass genocide exemplified the government's disregarded nature toward human life in the mindset of achieving power to control the people. Freedom was of but...

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