Jackie Kennedy Onasis: The Queen Of First Ladies

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The First Lady is the backbone of the President she shows love and compassion for the less fortunate, she makes the President look more appealing . People like the President but people Love the First Lady no matter who she is. Two very good examples of this are Jackie Onassis and Michelle Obama. While they come from very different life styles they have definitely left their mark. In comparing Jackie Onasis to Michelle Obama one would realize that two women from totally different backgrounds can make an amazing impact.
Coming from a very high society life it would be suspected Jackie Onassis had a very charmed perfect life growing up. While her life was very charmed it was far from perfect. Jackie's parents were divorced her father was a drunk and her mother was very harsh and critical. In fact Jackie’s mother resented her because she looked too much like her father(Jaquelin K). As a result of Jackie's parents divorce and her mother’s attitude towards her, Jackie ended up being a very shy child. her favorite outlet when life would get tough was riding horses. Jackie mostly stayed with her mother and stepfather but overall she adored her father Jack Bouvier, Jackie is what is considered to be a daddys girl. Even though Jackie did come from a very rich family it didn’t stop her from going to college and making a career for herself; in fact she was a writer for a news paper. Another interesting fact about her was she was engaged to another man when she met Jack Kennedy, his name was G.W. Husted Jr. he was a socially correct man who worked on wall street(). Many things attracted Jackie to JFK his charm his good looks his success ,but most of all he reminded her of her father.
John Kennedys family was not that welcoming to Jackie, the Kennedy sisters would call her names behind her back and would give her a hard time because she didn’t play sports. Jackie was surprised by how close the Kennedy family was she was also surprised about how competitive they were with each other. the whole Kennedy family would eat dinner with each other every single night but instead of having a nice family conversation they would have harsh debates over politics. Besides John Kennedy the only other Kennedy Jackie got along with was Joe Kennedy her father in-law. Joe Kennedy saw great success for this young couple so maybe that was why he was so nice to her, because who wouldn’t be nice to the future first lady.“Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotion of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage and death.”Becoming one of the Kennedys was just one of the very many stepping stones jackie would have to overcome before coming first lady. Jackie Kennedy showed nothing but grace even through the ups and downs of her marriage to JFK she was nothing but a lovely women who carried herself with true grace and dignity, Jackie Kennedy made quite the impression making it very hard...

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