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Oliver came down the lane towards the garden pulling a wagon make from a tangerine crate. Timmy rode in the wagon with the money they received from Mrs. Goo-Cheese clutched in his paws. He could hardly wait to show Brianna.
When they got to the garden, the Brianna was there to meet them. “Why are you in the wagon, Timmy?”
“Guarding our cash,” he replied. “It’s a dangerous job, but someone got to do it. Besides Oliver was busy pulling the wagon.”
Oliver wiped the sweat off his face. “Do you have something to tell Brianna?”
Timmy held up the silver dollars his mother had given them. “We got fifty dollars.”
"Wow!" said Brianna. "Our first sale.”
“We should go buy some cheese and celebrate,” said Timmy.
“I would rather buy some patches for my dress.” Brianna took the money. “We might need this money for the business, so we have to wait until the end of the season before we count our profits. Let’s put it in our treasury before it blows away."
"Or before Timmy blows it on cheese," joked Oliver.
They walked to the office, which was more of a shed. Spare tools and seeds lined the walls that were once a wooden box. The floor was made from two wooden planks. It was not much, but it kept the dust down.
Brianna made a note about the sale on a piece of paper and Timmy placed the silver dollars in a small chest where they kept the partnership funds.
Oliver puts his paw on Timmy’s shoulder. “Have you got anything you what to tell Brianna?”
Timmy scratched his head. “Oh yes, Mom gave us the rest of the can of yeast.”
“Where is the can?” asked Brianna.
“It’s in the wagon,” said Timmy. “I’ll run and get it.” He ran out the door.
Oliver stretched out his paws and began playing the air as if it was a piano. Yes, the business was starting to pay off. He could feel the keys of his piano; hear its music filling the air and Brianna’s voice.
“What was that all about?” asked Brianna. “I never thought you could get excited over a can of yeast.”
A big grin came to Oliver’s face. “When Timmy comes back just smile and nod.”
Before Brianna could ask Oliver to explain, Timmy returned with the yeast and saw the two mice grinning like Cheshire cats watching the drops of milk leaking from a bucket, not good. “You told Brianna what I said.”
Brianna’s eyes widen. “What did you say?”
“That you were right about carrying too much at a time.”
Brianna went over and gave Timmy a hug. She squeezed him until his eyes started to budge out of his head. “No he didn’t.”
There was nothing Timmy could do. “Cats! I told on myself.”
A knock came from the door. It opened and Mr. Abbott-Mouse walked in using a J-hook for a cane. Soil clung to the threads of the hook and fell onto the floor. "The garden is looking good. I like what you got done to the ground I never got...

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