Frankenstein's Monster As A Human Essay

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Frankenstein was a scientist who thought that the world was a secret, which he desired to discover in the scientific field. He worked to find out the relationship between humans and animals. He was attracted by the structure of the human body, any animal related with life, and the cause of life. One day, Victor Frankenstein made an experiment where he included many different human parts from different dead people. This resulted in a human being and a strange creature never seen before in life, which made Frankenstein very scared. This creature or monster was tall enough to scare people by his height and with muscles that were well proportioned.

The claims of humanity against scientific explorations and the relationship between monsters and their creators are thoughts that a scientist may have had from the Romantic era. A monster was created by a scientist and this monster in many ways looked like any human being. However, this creature was also totally different than any human being; but wanted to have what every man deserves in personal life, someone of the opposite sex to share thoughts and to feel comfortable with.

The monster had experiences and learned many qualities that any human being could learn. He gained knowledge in the differences between a dark moon and a bright moon. His eyes were capable of perceiving objects in their right forms, such as berries hanging on the trees. The monster also found a fire, from which he experienced the warmth and learned how to keep the fire on by throwing branches at it. At the same time he knew that this fire could give him light during the night and could be used to cook. Although, the monster was scary looking to a human being, the monster was the kind of creature that people never thought he could be; he was very friendly to people. He liked to help other people because he wanted to make friends and have someone to share his thoughts with. Besides, the creature was the kind of person that if someone taught him beautifully, he would pay back by admiring and loving this person. By this media, the creature learned to admire people's grace, beauty, and delicate complexions. The creature understood one language, which was French and quickly he could say some words like sister, brother, fire, milk, etc. This language was taught to him by a French family who he loved: "The French family was the school where the creature studied all the science that he knows and learned history as well." Also, the monster thought this family was the most kind and excellent in the world; but, the same family also taught and showed him how humans could be hurtful, when the family refused to become his friend. On the other hand, the knowledge and education that the creature received from the French...

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