Free The Children Essay

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Mission Statement
"We are an international charity and educational partner, working both domestically and internationally to empower and enable youth to be agents of change".
Goals and Principles
Free the Children works domestic and international. They work through We Day and We Act for domestic and involve, empower and educate youth to become locally active and global citizens. Through their development model of “Adopt a Village”, they work for children’s education and enable the community to reduce poverty. Free the Children is a part of family of organizations that has a shared goal to change to world from 'me' to 'we' through our actions, our choices on clothes, and the experience we engage in.
Their contributions
Since 1995 Free the Children have provided (International)
• more than 45 countries with programming and building projects
• have built more than 650 schools/school rooms
• 30,000 women with economic self-sufficiency
• 55,000 children with education
• more than $ 16 million of medical supplies around the world
• 278,000 participants with a We Day experience
• 1,000,000 people have clean water, health care and sanitation
• 2,300,000 youth with their programming
History of the organization
This organization is founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995 and 11 of his friends supported him to fight for child labour when he was 12. After he heard the news about Iqbal's death, he started this organization saying, "Fee the Children from poverty and exploitation."
Where they work
This organization works internationally in Africa, Asia, Latin America and domestically in Canada, US, UK.
How they use our funding

This is how they use your money in different programs. Half of the Me to We annual net profits supports the work of Free the Children. Free the children has partnerships with companies that provide services. Those companies are:
• KPMG – Professional services
• Torys Law Firm – Legal services
• Xerox Canada – Business solutions services
• DHL – Logistics and shipping partner
• Pareto – Logistical, storage and distribution services
• Air Canada – Canadian travel provider
• Universal McCann – Agency of record

The volunteers travelled more than 60 countries and speak about 30 languages. They are the leaders who are committed for providing opportunities to young people.
Doctors Without Borders
Mission Statement
"Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation."
Goals and Principles
The goal of this organization is to provide assistance to the people that are threatened by violence, devastation, ignored, exclusion from health care, natural disasters, epidemics or starvation. It also speak out for to draw attention to the neglected crisis and advocates for improve in medical treatments. It gets quality medical care to the people in need. It provides assistance to people...

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