Fuel Our Cars Without Bringing Fumes Into Our Air

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Some may have the dream that the world will change it’s ways in how we consume. Whether it be McDonalds or the fuel we use there are always better ways of consumption. Much like our fast food, our fuel intake is not going to go down so we need to adapt to ways other than diesel and gasoline. Why do this? The levels of Carbon Dioxide also known as CO2 are causing global climate change and quite simply making our world everything but clean(Tans). In 2012 there was a study by the Environmental Protection Agency that showed an amazing 82 percent of all greenhouse gases given off by us, human beings, were in fact CO2(EPA). This is a problem because it is causing world wide issues in our atmosphere. The fuel we use in our vehicles is a large part of the emissions we give off. With changing the fuels we use we can make a big difference(USDE). The world is not going to go back to horse and carriage so the industries that make us move need to take this more seriously and realize that this is indeed the number one issue facing our planet.
There are many great alternate fuels and although I personally do not think we have an efficient alternative that is healthy enough for the environment to convert to at this time, I do believe we are getting there. With many options there are many pros and cons. Each fuel alternative has its benefits and its own downfalls. We must weigh our options and make intelligent decisions to create a way of life that works both for human industry and the environment. There are eight alternatives to the fuels that we use that should be considered thus far in our quest for a greater compromise with our planet.
The first type of fuel for thought is ethanol. This is one of our best options because the materials used to make this fuel are renewable! Renewable resources are the perfect solution for something we use daily around the world. Ethanol has the downside of making our food prices increase and making the availability of the foods used to make the fuel like corn,wheat,and barley more limited(Meyers). This fuel is also alcohol-based and very expensive to make. The ethanol is also mixed with gasoline to help with the rise of octane levels and the improvement of the quality of CO2 emissions. This mixture is still fifteen percent gasoline, which makes it a reduced problem,but not a solved problem.
The next alternative is to use natural gas. The positive with this is that natural gas is unquestionably available in many countries throughout the world and with specialized engines, both cars and trucks would be able to produce less CO2 emissions. The downside to this is that natural gas contains methane, which is actually worse than CO2 by 21 times for global warming and the risk is much too great in that alone(Meyers).
The third type of alternative is going electric. This means that we would make our cars not run on fuel at all or very little. We have already started this and it is so far the best option for our vehicles, yet...

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