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Religion is placed throughout many areas of life. It can be used for many different purposes. Historically speaking, religion is something for individuals to believe in for strength and security. While religion plays a large role in an individual’s life, it is to be seen if religion is something that provides individual identification or if it is something that is manipulated during changing times of life. There have been many studies that point toward religion being a thing of centering an individual’s life. According to Lebedev, “These days, religion does not serve to form a person’s basic knowledge about the world, about the social and interpersonal relations out of which his ideas about the meaning and purpose of life organically flow. Religion becomes a part of the individual’s life and world exactly on the level of these latter things, whereas the foundation of his social knowledge in terms of values and worldview turns out not to be correlated with it” (2009: 85).
In this discussion, it is found that individuals place their worldviews into the scale of the religiosity. An individual places great emphasis on what they view as right and wrong based upon their religion. Not only their religion at face value, but the extent to which they actively participate in their religion. Identification in an individual’s religious group may in this sense be the causation of at-risk and cautious young adults. Also when including an individual’s religious group, it may act as a social referral point that can diminish socially unacceptable choices when they present themselves (Zaleski, Schiaffino 2000: 223). Having a religious foothold allowed for a more fundamentalist and structured view on life overall. There are more structured stances placed on daily life and situations that arise when religion is present in an individual’s life (Hess, Rueb 2005: 26).
This leads to the point in life of college aged students. They are structured to believe in something. Whether it be religion or something else, they are taught something. There are several sources of socialization that arise in an individual, but event currently religion is one of the mechanisms that families place on their children most. It is considered a method for teaching what is right and wrong for the world around them. (Simons, Burt, Peterson 2009: 468).
This “education” leads individuals to perceive the world around them in different ways. Martin Hansen described it as students that have become “afraid, nervous, and defensive in classrooms” (Martin-Hansen 2008: 319). Females specifically take to the religion playing a factor in interactions and decision making in the college years specifically. Many females are placed into areas where they do feel the fear and nerves. This is something that both genders are apt to experience, but according to the findings, there is a greater likelihood of impulsive behavior exhibited by females. They are more prone to make...

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