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Note Taking Reflection Questions:
1) Why is note taking an important skill to master? What are three (3) things you are now doing to take effective notes? How has this helped you?
To begin with, taking notes aids comprehension and retention. When writing notes in a personal perspective, with a complete outline of the most important points and ideas, this will be more effective, as opposed to textbook material. Furthermore, when writing the notes, the individual learns how to appreciate how note taking will capture the wealth of information he or she is exposed in a daily routine. In a school or post-secondary setting, the student has a lot of new knowledge and the student must be able to develop reliable mechanisms for recording and retrieving it when necessary. Nevertheless, note-taking is also a learning process, in itself, helping the student to process and understand the information which is retrieved.
In many cases, I am able to write effective notes, and there are many potential reasons why behind that. Effective note taking is the act of being active, not being passive; active learning helps you to make meaning from what is learned, by me, of course. As opposed to, passive learning is allowing the mind to be an empty vessel into which knowledge is poured with no way of organizing or making meaning of it. In relation to active note taking, I think about what is being taught at that certain point in time, I look for connections within the topic I am studying, and to other topics on the course, and , primarily, I write my note in my own words- which enables to understand what something says. Paying particular attention when the instructor is analysing, synthesizing, or processing information for the student, or spends a lot of time explaining something. To add, I record direct quotes only when it’s significant to have the exact words that someone else has used it in. In terms of the writing style, I make acronyms and utilize short abbreviations: for instance, i.e, e,g, etc., and many more. In order to make these...

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