Going For The Look: Is It Worth It?

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Many companies are using new techniques to attract modern day society. One of these techniques is revising their hiring practices. Instead of hiring based on intelligence, or skill sets, they desire employees with “the look”. Companies want people that represent their product or brand. In the article, “Going for the Look, But Risking Discrimination” by Steven Greenhouse, the store Abercrombie and Fitch hire people with a “classic American” look. However, there are many problems that can arise with this. Marshall Cohen, a senior industry analyst, claims that companies are forced to do what is necessary. I disagree with this statement. Companies that hire based on looks are risking more they assume.
When going into a store, one would expect that the employees would know what they are doing and are reliable. When companies hire based on looks, they do not realize that although the person may look astonishing, they may not have the competence to complete the job. The person may be the most gorgeous person on Earth, but they may not have the skill set required for the job. For those who disagree, what if you walked in a store, asked a clerk for help, and the answer you got was I do not know? Would that make you a satisfied costumer? The answer is no. when a store looks for a person to fill in the job position, they should first see if they will be able to for fill their duties.
Businesses are also risking discrimination. In the article, Abercrombie claims that the store accepts every race, although, only the people with the “classic American” look can work with the customers. Everyone else who did not meet the description were to work in the stock room. As discriminatory as this is, companies continue to do so. If the companies were ever investigated and found guilty, they could be prosecuted.
If companies only want the so-called beautiful people, then what will becomes of those who do not meet that criterion? Hiring good looking people can cause problems in both ways. One, many people will not be offered the same job opportunities. Two, if companies only want “good looking” people, then they are risking employment problems. For example, a store has five...

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