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“I am not an alcoholic. I just drink every day,” was my favorite comeback phrase whenever someone tried to point out my drinking habit. Because I loved drinking so much that I did not even think drinking was a bad thing. Drinking was part of my life style until the day I had to make a decision to live without assuming alcohol for the rest of my life. After drinking over twenty years, refraining from alcohol was the most difficult challenge I had faced. I decided to quit drinking because of my serious health issues, financial hardship, and psychological problems, and consequently, I have achieved tremendous outcomes after I stopped drinking.
The first reason I had to give up my drinking habit was my health problems. After many years of drinking, I had become a heavy drinker, and I consumed a large amount of liquor in a very short time. For example, I drank one liter of whisky in less than five hours. I only ate small amount of food while I was drinking because after I had had two or three drinks, I lost my appetite. I was not eating regularly, and I was suffering from stomach pain frequently. I noticed myself losing weight and feeling fatigue most of the time. I also experienced insomnia when I did not drink, so I had to drink to fall asleep.
In addition, I had a bigger health issue which was a damage of my liver. One day, after I had finished the whole 750ml of Jack Daniel’s whisky bottle in about two hours, I threw up terribly. I had noticed that there were some blood in my vomit before I passed out on the bathroom floor. The next day, I went to see a doctor because I was frightened after vomiting blood. The doctor examined my abdomen and found out my liver was enlarged. My blood was also drawn out for diagnosis. When my blood test came back, my liver enzymes were higher than normal limit indicating alcohol had damaged my liver. I was told by the doctor that not drinking was the only way for me to prevent having severe liver disease such as cirrhosis. I realized that if I did not quit drinking, I would have a serious chronic health condition.
Another reason I decided to quit drinking was the expense of alcoholic beverages cost me great amount of money. Because my income was low, I only had about three hundred dollars left for the whole month after paying rent, utility bills, and food. Buying alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and whisky cost me $70 or more per week. Since I was a heavy drinker, I needed to have large amount of alcohol to fulfill my craving. Although I tried not to buy an expensive liquor, the total cost was still over $70 weekly in order for me to drink daily. My second largest bill after rent was the money I spent on alcohol. I basically spent from $280 to $300 monthly on alcoholic beverages. Not only had I used all the cash I had left but also extra money from credit cards. My excessive drinking habit had hurt my financial situation terribly which resulted me in large amount of debt.
The last reason which made me to...

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