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Diabetes affects over 8% of the American population, and the various effects of the disease impacts millions of lives every day. Diabetes can cause problems in the kidneys, heart, skin, eyes and more. The effects can be range in severity from barely noticeable to live threatening, but even minor cases can drastically impact a person's life. While diabetes is manageable to most people, managing it requires constant monitoring, medication and emergency supplies in case of blood sugar spikes.

Most diabetes sufferers find their treatments, constant monitoring and tests to be not only irritating but painful. The traditional method of testing blood sugar levels is through blood. The patient is required to stick their finger with a small needle in order to obtain a blood sample for their test kit. While some tests boast about having less painful kits, there is still pain involved in the process. Due to the pain, many people avoid taking the blood sugar test as often as they're instructed by their doctors. This may not seem like a problem, but even one missed blood sugar test can cause a diabetes sufferer to miss changes in their blood sugar levels, which can cause them to pass out, increase their probability of a stroke, and it may lead to Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome or HHNS.

HHNS is a very severe condition in which extremely high blood sugar levels cause a person to become dangerously dehydrated. If left untreated, the patient can suffer from seizures, slip into a coma or even die.

Most diabetes sufferers realize that it's vital to constantly check their blood sugar, but the pain of the tests still deters many people from testing as often as they should. That is why an alternative has been created by Google with smart contact lenses.

There are other ways of testing blood sugar levels than simply getting a blood sample. The way that Google's smart contact lenses work is by analyzing tears rather than blood to gauge the wearer's blood sugar levels. There's no need to force yourself to cry with these lenses. The tests are done on the tears that naturally hydrate your eyes on a constant basis. A tiny amount of that fluid is sent through a small hole in the lenses as they're being worn. Extremely small sensors then analyze the tears to gauge the wearer's blood sugar levels. The results are transmitted wirelessly to the monitoring unit, and if the levels are too low or too high the user will be alerted either through small LED lights or an alternative notification method. The...

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