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“Ground and Floor” Performance
A. Synopsis
Ground and Floor performance is directed by Toshiaki Okada. It was about a narrative of the dead and the living which took a setting of Japan in the not-too-distant future. This performance began with the appearance of the wife and the ghost. The ghost was a mother of two sons. The elder son already married and would become a father very soon. However, the elder son was different compared to the younger son. The younger son always visited his mother’s graveyard, but the elder didn’t. The elder son chose to care a living person along with his wife. They met the woman (Satomi) who was really talkative and decided to help her. However, they couldn’t as the woman chose to cut herself off from the society. The story became more interesting as the wife felt the existence of the mother’s ghost. She felt that the mother hated her. She tried to explain to her husband, but he seemed not to believe in her.

B. Personal Comments
Although it took me a while to understand it, I could understand the performance. This one was understandable because there was a subtitle during the performance. The movements of performers were unique. It might be because of Toshiaki Okada’s work. These movements seemed similar to the movements of the performers in the “Five Days in March” performance. The performers acted exaggeratedly. According to the explanation of the class, these movements were inspired by the young people’s movements. These represented what young people usually do in daily life. However, the movements of the performers in the “Ground and Floor” were quite different. They represented general people’s movements, not only young people. The different between the “Five Days in March” and the “Ground and Floor” might be because they have different stories. The latter one is more serious story and represents the non-young people world. It is about a conflict as human beings in relations with other living people and their ancestors. It is not a young world anymore. And I read from the Chelfitsch’s website, the performers said that they created their own movements. They invented as they don’t have a choreographer. It shows that the director or Toshiaki Okada gave a big space for the performers to explore themselves. I think it is a good point as the performers can be really creative. The audiences also see different movements among the performers as each performers move based on their own interpretations and imagination.
Another interesting point was eye contact. The performers lacked eye contacts to each other. When they had dialogues with other people, they seemed never made eye contacts. It was different from the “Five Days in March” in which the performers made eye contacts quite often.
Personally, I do really like the music background. The music is really modern and seems to be able to coexist with the performance’s story. The music is very different compared to other performance which I already watched during the...

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