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The bullet, a small metal rounded cylinder with a egg-shaped tip, is fired from a firearm. Travelling at top speeds of 460 meters per second from a handgun (The Physics Factbook), it can instantly kill a man. That man might be some innocent victim on his way home from work to his wife and three kids. However, this victim caught in the crossfire could be a burglarer, con artist, organized crime member, rapist, or even a murderer. Crime nowadays has increased in both frequency as well as level of threat to the public. The only thing standing in crime’s way is the firearm that can stop a burglary, a rape, or even another murder. Unfortunately, recent gun bans and magazine limitations are threatening American’s rights to own firearms. These restrictions are evident across the country, especially in the state of New York. One example of these bans is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent limitations on high capacity magazines and the broadening definition of assault rifles in New York State. Although these recent gun bans in New York State have spread to other states, such as California and Colorado, the attempts to control gun violence are targeting the law-abiding, gun-owning citizens rather than the convicted felons or the mentally ill, who are usually the assailants in the shooting massacres around the country.
Although many of the new gun control laws put into effect target the firearm itself, firearm sales have been increasing. Since 2003, murder has decreased by 17%. Advocates need to review their assumption that more guns equals more crime. Private guns are now in the hands of about 300 million Americans, yet crime has diminished in the U.S.’s past 20 years. To halt any more mass killing shooters such as Adam Lanza, the 20 yr-old shooter from the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in December, 2012, all people, whether for or against gun control, need to divert their focus to the mentally ill and their accessibility to firearms (Barrett 1). It is improbable that the government would remove all firearms in the U.S. In 1968 there was a ratio of one gun for every two people. In 2009, there were more firearms than people in the U.S.: 114 million handguns, 110 rifles, and 86 million shotguns. This evidence shows that, on the contrary of the belief of gun control advocates, America is moving towards a pro-gun era; while gun sales rise, crime falls. Soon enough, many will begin to accept that the firearms is not the culprit in rising crime. If that were so, crime should’ve risen with the growth in firearm sales.
Even though mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary or the Aurora, Colorado movie theater have motivated politicians to support new gun control laws, Americans still seem to strongly oppose any sort of gun ban or magazine limitation law. When asked about a recent law restricting magazines over 15 rounds in Colorado, Jon E. Lopey, the sheriff in charge of Siskiyou County, California, expressed his displeasure: “Our way of life [as a police officer]...

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