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Who has never dreamed of witches, broomsticks and full moon light? I always wished, when I was younger, I could turn and do magic like a witch. I even bought little magic kits, but it was nothing like the magic I wanted to produce. In my teen years, a book called Harry Potter caught my attention. It took me to a world I thought could only belong in my head. J.K. Rowling brought words of description to my dreams and brought out the little witch and wizard in many children's lives. I have not been able to find a more descriptive, memorable, imaginative, and well-written books for both children and adults to read and enjoy.
Why do so many Harry Potter fans reread these fantasies over and over again? Are there secrets that gradually unfold? Are there layers and layers of understanding they are peeling away? Does the imagery enrich each time? The magic remains; whatever the reasons, readers are motivated to read, then once more, and once more again and immerse themselves in the enjoyable world of the written word. First as books, but now as movies, video games, and a multitude of toys Harry Potter has become an important feature of modern popular culture.
The Harry Potter books, written by J.K. Rowling, have sustained consistent attack from Christians because of how they portray witchcraft. It has been said that the Harry Potter books encourage children to accept a view of witchcraft that is benign, even good, and thus will lead them to adopt some form of paganism or Wicca. Christians naturally object to this and thus protest the presence of Harry Potter in schools, libraries, and society generally. It is argued that the Bible is unambiguous in its condemnation of witchcraft and demand that followers of God completely disassociate themselves from the practice of magic. The Harry Potter books make witchcraft and the practice of magic seem appealing and fun; therefore, parents shouldn't allow their children to read them.
This particular issue is the source of most Christianity complaints and protests against the Harry Potter books. Christians who express nothing but disdain for the separation of church and state when it comes to the government promoting Christianity, suddenly become defenders of the principle. They are arguing that schools are inappropriately promoting religion when students are encouraged to read Harry Potter.
Even if they are hypocritical, it would matter if they are right because schools shouldn't encourage students to read books that promote a particular religion. Most people tend to regard censorship as...

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