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I strongly believe that continuous education is a necessary ingredient for a successful career. The course of Data Processing at Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani and the experience that I gained at Deloitte over the last few years have sown in me the vision to explore the field of Data Analytics and Information systems. To satiate this curiosity and to embark upon a career in Business Intelligence and Data analytics, I consider the Master of Information Systems Management degree in Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University as the next logical step for my overall development.
From the very beginning, I have always enjoyed the challenges encountered in everyday life and relished solving them using simple logic and reasoning. This experience is what compelled me to pursue the field of Mathematics. Right attitude and diligence helped me secure admission to dual degree program at BITS, Pilani (the best private college in India, India Today-2013), with a unique background of both Sciences and Engineering domains. Mathematics taught me methodological approach, whereas Engineering prepared me to experiment, innovate and learn. This blend of qualities manifested into analytical skills and perseverance to materialize innovative ideas. A wide gamut of courses offered at BITS such as Algebra, Computer Programming, Data Processing, Calculus, and Functional Analysis helped me develop the right aptitude as well as attitude to face challenges
My development as a professional progressed with role of Coordinator, Mathematics Association, in which I had the opportunity to lead, motivate and mentor fellow students during Apogee’09 – TechFest, BITS Pilani, and with the role of intern at NCPE, Hyderabad, where I implemented mathematical modelling techniques to develop a business strategy, resulting in identification of potential customer base with 40% more accuracy.
My interest in Mathematics prompted me to pursue a career in which I could be creatively involved in problem solving and continuous improvement. I was privileged to be one of 3 students who were selected for employment with Deloitte from among three hundred others during campus placements. In my role as a Business Systems Analyst, I made significant foray into the field of Information Systems, by helping clients reach important business decisions using data as tool. Deloitte Online is a collaboration platform that enables knowledge management between Deloitte and its clients. I was able to build data visualization charts and data analytics frameworks using logistic regression and clustering algorithms, thereby providing valuable insight to the stake holders of Deloitte Online. My contribution to the project earned appreciation and I was awarded with the top rating consistently during my career at Deloitte.
I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship. This streak turned me into an Intrapreneur, when I was positioned as a Leader of “Deloitte Mobile...

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