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Warfare between two parties has always been a major catalyst of world history today. Specifically, Word War I had many dictators and world leaders that were not satisfied with the way things had played out, including Hitler, dictator of Germany. World War I began during 1914, and was between the Allied Forces and Axis Forces. It was the result of tension building up in the European front for decades prior to WWI. However, although Germany was punished terribly for WWI, it did not stop her from joining forces with Italy and Japan. These three powerful countries took action against the rest of the world, beginning in 1939, and initiated WWII. The League of Nations, designed to keep peace between the European fronts, failed to do its job. Therefore, the main reason world was plunged into World War II in 1939 was because of the League of Nations’ failure to act promptly. This brings to light that the effective response to aggression is collective security, and not appeasement.

World War II broke up the western European front due to the League of Nations. The League of Nations was simply not able to respond in a timely manner in response to the aggressors. Cited in the “World War Two – Causes” packet, the League of Nations was not able to act quickly because they only met a total of four times in one year. Also, the entire League had to agree on a topic. Another reason that WWII was started by the League of Nations is because the League had no way of enforcing their power. The League had no army; therefore they were not able to protect themselves and were also not able to enforce the rules they all agreed on. Therefore, in Germany’s eyes, the League of Nations was not even a threat to her bigger plan. Although the League of Nations did not stop WWII from breaking out, Hitler was also the main reason that the war happened.

Hitler had many tactics and strategies to win WWII and to achieve revenge for what had happened in WWI. Appeasement had been tried by the Allied Forces in order to get countries to relax and calm down so that war would not break out in the past. In Document 2, The League of Nations had rejected Ethiopia’s request for help in stopping an Italian invasion. Haile Selassie, in response, stated, “God and history will remember your judgment…. It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.” This quote means that although Ethiopia was the main target, that the League of Nations would be next in the line of fire. This relates because it shows the League’s inabilities to help out countries in need. Another piece of evidence is Document 4. German aggression pushed Britain, France, and Italy to hold a meeting with Hitler in 1938 to discuss what he wanted. Czechoslovakia was given over to Germany without a second thought. This proves that Britain, Italy, and France were willing to hurt other countries in order to stop war from breaking out across all of Europe. Although appeasement is the more peaceful approach...

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