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My project is a four book series intended for children age 4-8. The book series is tentatively called “ Happy Home.” Each book will address some of the most common issues children experience as a result to being exposed to family violence and provide helpful tips on how to stay safe and feel happy at home.

The books will contain a Reader's Guide section which provides information and supportive resources. Each book includes a “Power and control wheel” to help readers understand what domestic violence looks like, a Simple Safety Plan and contact information to the National Domestic Violence hotline.

The purpose of this book is to provide a comfortable outlet for children to discuss the effects of domestic violence in an age appropriate manner, and explore ways of problem solving and accessing help.
It is intended to be used by professionals ( Children's Advocates, Counselors, Educators , Child Protective Services, ) and caretakers who suspect a child is expericning or has experienced domestic violence. It is also to be used to assit professionals in engaging children in dialogue surrounding domestic violence issues.
My relevant expertise derive from my experience as a Children’s Advocate for a Domestic Violence Agency and my background as an Early Childhood Educator. I am also a mother and survivor of Domestic Violence. Through the agency for which I am employed, I provide advocacy based counseling and supportive resources to families whose lives have been affected by domestic violence. I also conduct children’s groups and provide community training surrounding issues relevant to children who have experienced domestic violence.

This book can also be used to:
Gain an understanding of the home environment of a child
Allow educators to identify behaviors that will enable them to provide trauma informed services to the children in their care.
Support guided discussions regarding the affects of domestic violence on children
Allow children to discuss their experiences in a age appropriate manner
Allow children to have their experiences normalized and heard
Explore solutions and introduce safety planning
Gently help parents connect the domestic violence children witness to the behaviors that commonly arise as a result to trauma.
Connect family with appropriate resources and education regarding domestic violence
Help caregivers understand and identify behaviors that correlate with symptoms of trauma.

Much of the story's content derive from actual staments and events decribed by children.

When I Hear or See Shouting or Hitting at Home

One day I came home from school and heard Mommy and Daddy shouting. Their voices were loud and scary! They were yelling so loud it made my ears hurts. I had to cover my ears. I was so afraid I ran and hid.


What do you do when you see or hear your Mommy or Daddy shouting or hitting?

When I see my Mommy and Daddy happy, it makes me feel safe.

(Insert picture parents laughing together)


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