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We all know who Eminem is whether it be because we listen to his music or because of the huge controversy that seems to fallow his next billboard hit. Ever sense the release of his first album The Slim Shady LP in 1999 or the more predominate album under fire The Marshall Mathers LP released in 2000, and Encore in 2005 Eminem has been fighting off critics and gay and lesbian right activists because of his "lyrical content." People say that he is a homophobic gay basher with no respect for women. Encore is another brilliant work from eninem but the album that started the most controversy was The Marshall Mather LP. Eminem gave his foes plenty of ammunition. In "Criminal," he declared: "My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge/That'll stab you in the head/Whether you're a fag or lez/Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest/Pants or dress -- hate fags?/ The answer's 'yes.'" The questions that come to mind is why does Eminem alone bear the burden, is he being funny or is he serious?

While researching some interviews that Eminem had given I found that he is very well spoken, mature, and extremely intellectual. What people don't seem to realize is its just music; it's not to be taken literally all the time just like movies. We constantly see race crimes, murder, and rape on the television or in movies but I don't hear anyone protesting Oliver Stone or Stanley Kubrick. I personally believe that the way Eminem presents all of his songs you can distinguish between what he is really getting at and when he is just playing on words. When VH1 interviewed him they asked "Why do you think that people misunderstood or misperceived your work on The Marshall Mathers LP?" He replied with, "What I was saying wasn't very different than what N.W.A. or Ice-T had said. My problem was that people acted like I was the first one to say those things. A lot of my sh*t was so blatantly comic, how could you take it seriously? With The Marshall Mathers LP I brought it to a different level: If this is how you perceive me, then this is what I'm gonna be." (VH1)

Also coming with the release of The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation labeled his lyrics "offensive" and launched a furious campaign against Interscope Records. There is no question that he has benefited from the fierce debate over the gay content of his lyrics. If you want a good estement of how much it helped him count every picket sign, T.V. show bad mouthing him, and parent telling their kid they cant listen to him; now multiply it by 10,000 because that how many more albums they just sold for him. "I could understand if I just said all those things and just left it at that, but I was using irony and keeping my tongue...

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