Honors Program Essay

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Honors Program Essay

1. Though it seems like an interesting course, I would be least likely to take a seminar on Representations of Spirituality in Fiction and Film from Spring of 2014. As a member of a pious family, I am exposed to various forms of religion and spirituality on a daily basis. My father is a regular temple-goer, my mother is active in many spiritual events, and I myself am involved in many religious activities. Additionally, all around the house, on the face of every wall, we have a portrait or photo of our deity. The day starts with prostrating before our deity, reading out of our holy book, and praying to him throughout the day. The day ends just as it began. One of the goals I have set for myself during my four years of undergraduate education is to explore topics which I had not had the opportunity to learn about before. As Lord Henry explains in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, one of the motives in life should be to look for new experiences. With religion deeply engrained in my family life, I would look forward to a change in the time I spend in North Carolina State University.
If I were to take this seminar, my actions would contradict my belief that a public university such as NCSU should neither advocate nor abridge any expression of religion. Following the tenet that there should be a separation of church and state, anything spiritual should be left to one's personal life. The seminar breaches this precept, for the university delves into analysis of spiritual dogmas. I have no animosity toward other religions; in fact, I enjoy reading and learning about how other cultures conduct the spiritual aspects of their lives. But there is a time a place for everything. In my opinion, a public university should not endorse such nonsecular seminars.

2. I have always had a sense of curiosity and wonder, so I tinkered with machines and performed my own experiments under supervision. This inquisitiveness followed me into high school. Learning programming introduced me to a world where I could be as creative as I imagined in the programs I wrote. Though the school did not offer Java and C# at that time, I taught myself out of my own interest and produced programs such as custom web browsers and realistic games. Inspired by the speeches of President Obama as he spoke about how cyber security was becoming a pressing concern, I cofounded the Black Falcons. As a team, we learned about different methods of preventing breaches in security and competed in the US Cyber Patriots Cyber Security Challenge, finding and fixing vulnerabilities in servers and computers in Windows and Ubuntu. Under my leadership, we won many competitions and in one of the years, won first in state and second in nation in the civilian division.
But my spirit of inquiry was not limited to only computers, for science also captivated me. As the former become more of a hobby, the latter began to shape the course of my life. I sought out volunteer...

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