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There are various eating disorders that plenty of people partake in currently within America. Most eating disorders focus on losing weight and maintaining a thin figure. According to the Office on Women’s Health, binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the U.S. which affects about two percent of American adults (“Binge Eating Disorder Fact Sheet,” 2012). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines binge eating is when a person frequently consumes a large amount of food. Although this disorder is most commonly found amongst people who are overweight, it can be found in a broad range of people with any weight (“Binge Eating Disorder Fact Sheet,” 2012). Binge eating disorder is a growing problem in America affecting college students both physically and mentally.
Robin F. Apple, clinical associate professor at Stanford University, suggest binge eaters consume nearly three times the recommended amount of calories by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Binge eaters consume approximately 6,000 calories of food a day versus the recommended daily calorie intake of 2,100 calories (Apple, 7). This could be the reason for them feeling overwhelmingly full after a session of binge eating. The feeling of being tremendously full is one sign a person binge eats. There are several signs that Natalie Chambers, editor of Binge Eating: Psychological Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment, writes about just as Apple includes in her book. Signs and symptoms of binge eating range from person to person and these signs must be present for at least three months for someone to be diagnosed with binge eating disorder. Symptoms include eating for approximately 78 minutes without stopping and continuously (Chambers, 24). Binge eaters tend to eat alone from disgust and embarrassment of amount of food they tend to eat even when not hungry. They usually tend to feel guilty with themselves and begin to diet to make up for the act; causing a variation in weight (Buckroyd, 103). Binge eaters show a variation of these symptoms which can lead into different pathways into binge eating.
According to Kelly Stellato, a Registered Dietician/Nutritionist of Walden Behavioral Care, binge eating can lead into many different dark futures for an individual. According to Stellato there are four pathways into binge eating. The first is an individual starts dieting which can lead to anorexia, another major eating disorder (Stellato, 4). Then after suffering from anorexia they begin to consume great amounts of food due to lack of consumption during their anorexia phase. The second path which leads to binge eating disorder is when a person is already obese then decides to change their future by dieting (Stellato, 5). As soon as they realize that they cannot lose the weight or lack self-confidence the individual returns to consuming large amounts of food resulting in binge eating. The third pathway to binge eating is an unhealthy childhood. Many children these...

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