How Parent's Religious Affiliation Affects The Way

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Parenting methods have been affected by numerous factors over the years. Parenting is something that is obviously successful or in the worst case, has failed miserably! We found that the parents' religious affiliation affects the way they raise their children. "The particular theologies theory posits that different religious affiliations put varying efforts into emphasizing family-formation strategies" (Pearce 2002: 325). Religious affiliations, inspired parents to be fervent on implanting strong morals, maintaining close relational ties within their family, and encourage positive community involvement with their particular religious affiliation.

Parent's religion motivates parents to avidly implant morals in their children through maintaining open and continuous communication between themselves and their children. Parents in the past have been more interested in reading a book or finding on the Internet the "proper parenting methods" rather than just getting to know their kids by communicating with them and finding out the things that are on their kids minds. When the parents keep a connection with their children as binding as communication, they are less likely to find themselves not knowing what to do when their children begin to change their perspectives and desires. They develop a trust level between their children as well as gaining authority due to their children's respect towards them without them having to demand it (Stolzenberg 1995).

In addition to promoting communication between themselves and their kids are more prone to focus on promoting healthy communication between themselves and their children as well as encouraging communication between all of their family members. Families involved in churches have strengthened their bonds as a family, and the church generally works as a partner in transmitting values from themselves to the children. Children's communication within their family allows them to be open to their parent's views and moral perspectives in the world, which are seen as fostering an ethic of commitment to morality in their children (Aquilino 2001). "Christianity legitimates individual choice, private conscience, and a diversity of lifestyles, all of which focus on taking a stand against injustice and wrongdoing (Hart, S. 1986: 52)."

Without any difficulty, parents have driven morals into their disciplinary skills too. It seems that religious affiliation has a major influence on the way parents expect their children to behave, and the way the parents interpret what behavior is acceptable and what is inappropriate. Religious parents are usually much more observant and concerned about what there children are doing and/or where exactly they are. This moral perceptiveness results in a higher likelihood of disciplinary actions. But, discipline takes on a unique role coming from religious parents. According to Christianity, discipline is never cruel or manipulative; instead it is given out of love, and an...

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