Historical Accuracy Of Shakespeare's Works Essay

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Historical Accuracy of Shakespeare’s Works
A heart felt tragedy and a whimsical comedy looking past the fictional of fairies and extreme use of over melodramatic language, both works are held by a factual anchor. Both Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream take place during the Renaissance era, written by William Shakespeare. His writings have also been known to reflect the culture of the time era. Both Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are historically accurate to a large extent because of the settings, the allusions to history, and the realistic characters that Shakespeare incorporates into his plays.
The setting of Romeo and Juliet is accurate because it portrays the violence and hostility between families in Italy during the time. For instance, as evidence in a scholarly essay says, “But Verona, like all other regions of the country, was subject to rampant violence and war, a condition that had endured throughout Italy for centuries” (“Overview: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare” 1). What is said is that Verona was violent and had small wars throughout it all of Italy during the time. Romeo and Juliet has a similar setting that is violent and has hostilities between the families, making it a true place in history. A setting that accurately shows what it was like in history helps add to the historical value in the story. In addition, according to a historical powerpoint, “It is generally believed that the story is based on a real Italian love story from the third century. The ‘real families’ are the Capeletti and Montecci families” (“Romeo and Juliet Historical Context Pwpt” 1). Simply put, Shakespeare based the story off of an actual event from the past and included similar qualities into it. The families and the story are both apart of the setting and are factual, making the setting more historically accurate. In order for a story to be historical it needs to have a truthful setting. Shakespeare does this in Romeo and Juliet, giving the story a good start to being an accurate retelling of history. The evidence showing where Shakespeare got his inspiration and ideas proves that Romeo and Juliet has a historically accurate setting and is factual to some extent.
On the other hand, Shakespeare uses allusions to relate the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream to its current time era through the characterization of his characters. To illustrate this, as quoted, “Titania, as the Queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream could be, at some degree, identified with Queen Elizabeth” (“Women in Shakespeare’s Comedies” 4). The source says that Queen Titania from the play can be seen as similar to Queen Elizabeth. In the play Titania is used as an allusion to Queen Elizabeth. The allusion shows that the queen is historically accurate and so she adds to plays historical accuracy because the character is based off something real. Another example of this in the same article is “We notice that Titania’s attitude is quite...

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