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Human Rights are rights that are understood to belong rightly to every person. People are often familiar with human rights in the specific region they tend be in, such as American rights and Canadian rights. However the topic of discussion is human rights in international law, these are rights that one has simply because there human. Human rights in international law encompass everyone, everywhere throughout the world. International human rights are not just rights that people think of, make up, or are rights that they have always thought they were entitled to. International human rights actually has place in law, it has place in international law. Throughout history there were many different societies that had a different views and ideas of what human rights were; some of the many were the French who had their view of human rights in the Declaration of France, and then there were Romans who had their view of human rights in Natural law. The United Nations under the supervision of Eleanor Roosevelt , in 1948 established the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration consists of 30 articles of human rights, which are a set of human rights that apply to completely everyone.
The History Of Human Rights In International Law:
Human Rights in international law have been an immense issue for long period of time and continues to be. International human rights began to come to question, from the way soldiers and civilians were treated in times of war. International human rights involving war issues then extended to consist of other rights. When colonialism broadened it brought problems with minorities, which led to questioning human rights. Then in western regions in the world the increase debate about women’s status in society, led to discussions about their political rights. The view that human rights are ethical and moral throughout the years has increased in acceptance internationally. When the world wars took place and following World War II the term human rights was acknowledged by a lot of people. International human Rights was then recognized by the United Nations , they developed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is the main document stating international human rights. Although along with this the United Nations developed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant On Economic, Social, And Cultural Rights. Together the two covenants and the declaration make up the International Bill of Human Rights.
The Application Of International Human Rights:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was and continues to be adopted by the United Nations. The human rights stated in the document do tend to apply to everyone and many nations across the world openly agreed and praised it. However, international human rights are not a mandatory enforcement; meaning that leaders of countries; people at large do not have to follow it, it is voluntary. The human rights observed...

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