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“ A topical hydro plants is a system with three parts” ( Got it from the article “Hydropower Going with the flow” by National Geographic Society (NGS). First part of the hydro system is an electric plants where the electricity is produced. The second part of the hydro system is the dams that opened and closed to control of the waterflow. The final part of the hydro system is the reservoir that just stores the water. Typical hydro plants that produced power by the moving water because the three parts is produces electricity, dams opened and closed to control water, and stores the water in the reservoir.

Hydropower uses the generators to produces energy from the moving water. The first step before the generators starts producing energy by the water behind the dam through an intake and pushes against the blades of the turbines. When the water push against the blades that causes the blades to turns, so the turbines helps the generators to starts producing electricity. It also depends on the amount of water drops and how much water moves through the system. Includes the transported over long - distance electric lines. The efficiency of an hydropower turbines about ninety-five percent ("Hydropower Going With”).

Engineers uses the generator to helps by collecting the water. The generators main parts is to produced electricity to converted to power for one billion people for homes, schools, and other buildings. The hydroelectric power plant works on by producing electricity only for twenty-four percent in the world and supply for the one billion people with power. The generators is to helps about the engineers to know how much of water are in the power grid. The generators also helps by the dams to open or close to control of flowing water and it’s provides about one-fifth of the world electricity. The generators output a combined the total of 675,000 MW to produce electricity turns it to power of buildings like schools, hospitals, and the street lights to lets the people uses those power to see in the dark indoor or outdoor environment ("Hydropower Going With”).

The amount of water telling that of the measurement of water drops goes in the intake to the turbines and took some water out of the reservoirs also how much to stores after. The engineers uses dams similar to nature the waterfalls is one example because waterfalls just keep dropping water without any advance technologies and generators include water turbines. It’s depends on the currents of the water but the engineers had to use the certain rivers to builts dams in different sizes like the height, miles, and wide. Mostly the United States, Canada, and China are the biggest hydroelectric power plants in the world. So they focus on the electricity to power after collecting from moving water to the power grid in the generators right to the electric lines ("Hydropower Going With”).

People use hydropower at the river and the dams because they believe in the river is a clean fuel...

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