I Might Be A Dreamer: The American Dream

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Many people wonder what the American dream is. No matter who you ask you’ll get a different answer almost every time. Some people want money and the ability to buy whatever they want while others want power the power to make people do whatever they want them to do. Some want a better life for education for their kids. Some seek freedom from the oppressive government in their home country. While the younger generations either want to become famous or get a girlfriend or boyfriend and end up marrying them and having a house and kids and a job to support them all. The main factor that everyone leaves out is happiness, peace, and love. The American dream to me really is just a dream that hopefully becomes a reality. The American dream is so much more that a dream it’s an idea, a hope, a wish, a believe that we chase after almost like a dog after a stick expecting to get some reward if we catch it but, who knows if that is really true or will we just be faced with another dream?
The American dream to me is first achieving complete and total happiness the question is how we would accomplish this goal. Teachers, adults, and our parents infuse use with this goal of going to college and what we want to become. A wise man once said that when “his teachers asked him to write down what he wanted to be when he grew up and he wrote down happy and they told him he didn’t understand the assignment and he replied back you don’t understand life” this wise man was John Lennon and he was right. Because what is life without happiness it is depression, it is hell, and it is a nightmare. What is the way to accomplish this happiness? Some might say it is to become rich and be able to buy whatever you want this is the American dream to some and some of them will accomplish this dream this goal but they still won’t be happy because money can’t buy you true happiness it only buys you momentarily happiness. Yet, people still try their hardest and take their entire life trying to become rich and sure the money will make you happy for a moment. Now other people will say the American dream is to have power and control over others.
We saw where this idea of power went before it lead to slavery and the misery of one race for years and eventually to a war where brothers where killing brothers. It lead to racism for years to come maybe you heard of the Klu Klux Klan one on the most famous white supremacy gangs in the U.S. who literally hunt down and kill anyone who isn’t purely white or who is gay just like they were animals. Power leads to misery not only for the few but for the masses. However, we still have people that are in charge of...

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