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Over the decades, obesity has become an increasingly severe and expensive setback. D. Milton Strokes commented in "The Impact of Obesity on Healthcare Delivery" that in the year 2000, the United States spent over 117 billion solely on obesity related issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2000, more than 64% of American adult population are obese. These obese individuals were determined to be unhealthily overweight by the Body Mass Index (BMI), a system that measures a person's weight standing. A normal adult should weigh their height squared. If the adult is 25 pounds over normal weight, they are declared to be at the least, overweight. There are endless contributors to obesity and overweight individuals. Compared to other countries, Americans watch a much higher percentage of television, and they eat rations of food large enough to feed two people. In addition, Americans have become extremely inactive, even in adolescents years, where individuals should be the most active. This is partially due to the elimination of physical education in most schools. From these inactivity levels and massive quantities of ingested food, more than 300,000 premature deaths have been linked to obesity in 2000. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths.

Surgeries for obesity has become increasingly common. Over 6,300 bariatric operations were performed in 2002, which is an increase of 1,600 from 10 years earlier. These surgical procedures are considered only if patients have been repeatedly unsuccessful in all other weight loss diets. In these common cases, the risk of surgery is then considered to be less dangerous than obesity itself. Patients who have the gastric bypass or vertical banded gastroplasty operations may lose 230 pounds during the first 24 months. On the contrary, they may also gain all the weight back in addition to extra weight because they may go back to their old eating habits after the surgery. Aside from surgery, another common method of weight loss is prescription drugs. Xenical, a common weight loss drug, alters the nutrient absorption in the...

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