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“Early in the industrial revolution, factory workers began forming associations to gain better wages, hours, and working conditions”.(beers, p.80) “Between 1870 and 1914, the lot of industrial workers improved dramatically”. “Wages rose significantly”.(beers, p.81) “As you may have heard before living conditions in early industrial cities were deplorable”.(beers, p.81) The rise of labor unions, gains for workers, and improving city life was a huge part of the industrial revolution.
The associations for workers later developed into labor unions. The government saw labor unions as dangerous organizations. The industrial revolution spread to America, france, Germany, Belgium, and western Europe in the 19th century from great Britain. The cities then started to grow rapidly over a short period of time due to all the factories opening up in these big cities. Industrialization then started conflicts between businesses and the labor force in America as mechanized production started to replace household manufacturing, leaving many people without a job therefor not able to provide for their families and had to find a new job which was getting hard to do at this point. In the 19th century, the labor force began to form labor unions that would help them get better rights, working conditions, better hours, wages, and the ability to strike if the employers weren’t giving them enough rights. At this time skilled craft workers were the only groups able to support a union.
“Between 1870 and 1914, the lot of industrial workers improved dramatically. Wages rose significantly. In Britain and France, wages nearly doubled in the last half of the 1800’s.”(beers, p.81) as these changes happened family members that were working were able to buy twice as much as they had before due to the wage being rose. As time went on things being mass produces such as shirts became cheaper because of how fast they could be produced rather than how they were made before the machines, they took forever doing it by hand. The machines then got safer as time went on as well, big factories installed safety mechanisms on all there equipment to provide a safer working environment for the employees. They put proper venting in the buildings as well as...

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