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By eight-thirty in the morning, Jhanvi would be at school every day. But this day, a Friday, her mood wouldn’t cooperate with even the vague thought of being there.
She wasn’t embarrassed to attend her classes or anything. Nor she had carried some hurt home from school the day before and silently suffered, for she would never let anyone pick on her. What had happened was that she had been advised; advised for what she deemed as no fault of hers. And the weight of that matter had caused her to ignore the previous night’s homework. Instead, she had spent her homework-time before dinner on a rock near the big pond, with her legs dipped in the green abode of fishes, thinking if her thatha would spot her and drive her away. After that thought, she had taken her legs out.
Up from her bed with a nice, plump-looking face, she now went straight to the hall downstairs for the landline. Anything was better than looking at her classmates and their faces, she consoled herself now, and rang up Nikhel Pereira from their landline. “I hate school!” she mumbled as the phone at Uncle Craig’s rang: “They want you to be robots there! Stand–sit, write–read, attention–stand-at-ease, sing–dance to folk songs, cut your nails, always oil your hair–keep two braids–never let it open! Polish your shoes every day, move in a queue like cow; no, MOO in a queue like cows! By heart this–that, theorems–poems! Don’t talk too much with boys . . . don’t stand next to or sit with boys . . . aiyyo, and to add up, today we have PT classes in the last period. And that biased master will ask the boys to bowl only spinners to me. Not that I cannot bat those silly balls, but the rest of the girls––they get to play the balls that are rolled on the ground, as if they are bottle-sucking babies. They don’t even touch the ball, so forget the runs. I am the only one to run, expected to score, hit fours and sixes! That’s unfair, right? And these...

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