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“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” Those were the words written in the bible under Matthew 25:21. In connection to that quote, for the past several decades, policing had been one of the most challenging careers in the U.S. Consequently, police officers, patrols, investigators all have played a huge role to protect and serve the community. However, within the small system there had been issues that affect our society. In a law enforcement agency, Deputy Chief Gowaski have received heat from city officials and the public that they need to do a better job protecting and serving the community. He has analyzed and studied an experiment that has been successful in Anne Aroundel County Police Department and wants to implant that strategy in his agency. He gathers his team and discusses that the experiment is intended to increase officer productivity, expand responsibility beyond writing incident reports, decrease reliance on specialized units for case follow-up and establish flexibility as an operational norm. Consequently, a research will be made using the textbook Policing in America: Challenges and Best Practices to understand the comparison of this experiment to the traditional model of law enforcement, the changes that will and will not be resisted and the success the experiment will bring to the agency.
For the past several decades law enforcement has done the necessary to deter crime and improve society. According to the textbook, the dominant police have come up with a traditional model strategy that has emphasized motorized patrol, rapid response time, and retrospective investigation of crimes (Peak 165). In Chief Gowaski’s situation, he has confronted several disappointments due to the fact that public officials and citizens are not satisfied with their job. The experiment he is about to implement in his agency is similar to the traditional model of law enforcement. The role of police is to solve crimes effectively, study particular crimes, and provide the necessary rules and policy directives (Peak 165). Part of the integrity patrol experiment gives importance to responsibility beyond writing incident reports. That was one od the goals of the traditional model of policing. On the other hand, one of the things that the experiment ignores is the community policing model. Community policing model supports the public and is engaged in deterring crime and disorder.
Even though part of their goal is to serve the community, community policing is not the strategy they are using. Supporting the community is one of the resistances. Regina Reasonable, Supervisor of Support and Administration brings up the amount of paper work they are behind for given importance to other details. To support her belief, she shares a statistical report that states that unsolved crimes are up to twenty-one percent, vehicles stops are down to...

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