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“How is this introduction to philosophy course? Is this that course where they will be discussing about those dead ancient old guys who kept talking about boring nonsense?” “You mean Plato or Socrates when they would go out to the streets and talk about life and question everything in it?” “Yeah that guy.” This was a conversation between a 2nd year sophomore and a 3rd year junior in college talking about what is intro to philosophy. What philosophy really is the re-visitation of influential philosophical people throughout history such as Plato and Socrates, it is not about happy quotes and sad quotes but learning how to learn, and it is also about learning about oneself. introduction to philosophy is more than just saying really old quotes about hard to understand or sensitive topics; it’s about showing individuals that it’s more important to think than just do. In order for one to understand introduction to philosophy one should know the history of Plato and Socrates, learning how to learn, and have a desire to learn about one-self.
Socrates and Plato are some of the most famous historical figures in Philosophy and when you first enter the class you learn all about how they devoted themselves to spreading whatever message they seen the world as needing. introduction to philosophy gives you details about the many exploits and contributions each historical figure gave that are still being used today or have impacted the world in some other fashion. Case in point Plato wrote plays for many years but in an act of disgust he destroyed them all, that right ALL of them, and he decided to write about philosophy. In Plato’s destroyed plays the hero of those stories was Socrates Ironically, Plato then elected a school in the Grove of Academe, which was one of the oldest schools created. The attendees of Plato’s school would address themselves as academics and because of this we have the term today. My philosophy teacher would believe Plato to be “overrated” but Plato’s contributions to the world would refute his claim. Then there was also Socrates who has contributed to the study of Ethics and his Method of taking a problem and breaking it down into questions, then answering each question to find the answer to the problem, aptly dubbed, the Socrates’s Method which is still being used today in most academic settings. Indeed, today’s society is all the more...

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