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According to Global Road Warrior, Japan's population as of July 2013 is at 127,253,075 people, with an over-whelming majority of the public being elderly. "The Report says that two out of five Japanese will be over the age of sixty five by 2060" (PressTvGlobalNews). This sort of issue has yet to happen in all of history, so what is the cause of this crisis? It is becoming wildly believed that the media, influence and life style changes are having a great impact on this population decline.
Media has the strongest overall influence on society as a whole. The images and messages that are displayed to us in our day-to-day lives are continuous and is always evolving the way our society thinks and acts. The behavior changes that result from media are far greater than we as a society may even realize. Now it seems that it is even changing the way the Japanese see marriage. "A recent survey suggests that almost one-third of Japanese people just can’t see the point in tying the knot and settling down." (Phro) One of the people who was servied was quoted in Phro's article to say
"If you’re single, you can use your money exactly as you like, and no matter how much you spend on your hobbies or interests, no one will complain, and you can l ive at your own pace. But if you get married, all of that disappears, so I really want to ask, honestly, is there any merit to getting married?"
When continually looking at what those who were surveyed had to say, generally they believe that it will use up all their money to be tied down, and that they don't see the point aside from having children.
The cause of this is the way that gender roles are now being protrayed in their country. For Japanese woman, they are currently not being displayed as the bare foot and pregnant types but more so as they career driven, independent people in their culture. There are currently several television programs and advertisments portraying this. In Eric Gallager's article, he speaks about one show inparticular called Around 40: Demanding Woman, and is about career driven woman who are very good at taking care of things on their own. This show strongly shows that a woman does not need to be married and have kids in order to be a member of their society and positively encourges woman to consider not getting married, and instead focusing on themselves rather than a family. "his would explain why many Japanese feminists refused to see declining population growth as a problem when it was first introduced as such Instead, they saw declining population as a good thing, because it showed greater freedom in the family choices that women were making." (Gallager 5) However, this was over a decade ago when woman strongly believed this, at this point the population decline is becoming so bad that they are starting to recognize this a reason for the decline. Although, despite woman's new found independence, it is being shown that on average Japanese woman tend to want more children than they...

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