The Relationship Of Jesus With Women In The Bible

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Throughout history and even today women are regarded as inconsequential. They are chattels or servants, a person without rights. In some present instances, women are struggling to show that they do have rights and can make a contribution to society if given the chance.
In scripture it is seen that God’s intention was for equality “…And the man said: This one at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh! She is to be called Woman.” (Gen.2:23) Woman and Man was given a body, mind and soul. Each had a personality and capable of exercising dominion. (Gen 1: 28-29) (Genderstanding Jesus)
Luke uses a technique of pairing references to men and women, “this pairing, it has been suggested, indicates a substantial number of women constituting the Gospel audience.” (Kopas)
In society today women form part of Governments, they own businesses, they hold executive positions in companies but are they really considered equal to their male counterparts, do they receive the same kind of respect and recognition for their achievements.
This paper seeks to look at the relationship of Jesus and the women he encountered as well as those he used as examples to reveal the principles by which women should be treated.
The Bible has countless examples of women who have broken through societal boundaries to get close to Jesus. He sometimes met them half-way, other times he set up scenarios to make a statement or teach a lesson. He lifted them up as examples of the way in which he expects us to live and love.
“A poor widow came and put in two small coins….” (Mark 12: 42-44) Jesus uses the example set by the widow’s offering as a gesture her giving all she possessed. He tells his disciples that her giving was important as she shows how you should give. He acknowledged her faith, courage and determination. (Genderstanding Jesus)
Today, all women can identify with this woman. The example set by the widow shows that God blesses those who recognize the example of this woman and give faithfully and selflessly. They are no more or less important than men or those who may be wealthy.
Jesus used the example of the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43 – 48), a woman who would have been considered as unclean and not fit to be among other members of society; the healing of the Canaanite woman’s daughter (Matt. 15: 22-28), a woman of another faith and with different beliefs, an outcast, to show the power of faith. The women believed and persisted for they believed that Jesus could heal them and help their situations. (Genderstanding Jesus)
In today’s society there are many persons with afflictions with which they were born or contracted. They may find themselves in a situation which seems to have no possible earthly solution. These people are in church everyday as they have faith that God will provide healing and solutions to their situations.
Jesus taught us to look at ourselves and the social and sometimes criminal injustice to which we subject people. A woman is...

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