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Justice in "Romero"
The influential and gripping film, " Romero", directed by John Duigan, portrays the life and death of Archbishop Oscar Romero. The movie shows the world through the eyes of the El Salvadorian people during the 1980's, when poverty and military rule flourished over the people. The country of El Salvador was run by an elite group of few who controlled most of the power and money, leaving the majority of the people deprived and powerless. This imbalance in the social system left much of the people under oppression, constantly controlled by the corrupt government and even sometimes persecuted when they tried to speak out. The church was a witness to the violations of human rights and this ruthless behavior by the El Salvadorian government towards its people caused a spark in the Catholic Church, a spark that ignited a flame of justice. Lead by Archbishop Romero, the church in El Salvador becomes a critic of the government, not because of political terms but because they are Christians looking for justice towards all people; so that all people have the potential to live life to its full meaning without any unnecessary obstacles holding them back. The movie "Romero" constantly portrays how the ideology of liberation theology plays a major role in the churches influence over the government, oppressed, and military in a search for social righteousness.
"Romero" is set in Latin America, in a country called El Salvador during the 1980's when poverty and corruption infested much of the country's four corners. The movie is a true account that follows the career and influential life of the Archbishop Oscar Romero. The film begins as Oscar Romero is appointed Archbishop, a role that deeply changed his life and his country. Adored by the government at first, they believed that Archbishop Romero would silence the overwhelming crowds of poor who accused the government of mistreatment. At first this is what Romero did, he preached to be peacemakers and not to revolt. But after the government shot their weapons into crowds indiscriminately at a worship ceremony held outside, killing a few people including a priest who was also Romero's close friend, was when Romero begins to rebuke the government and lead the struggle for justice and human rights in the country. Romero develops into a man who rocks the boat. In that, meaning he organized rallies and masses that brought the people together causing anger upon the government. He leads a peasant march into a church that is occupied by soldiers in order to perform mass, and also offends and defies the El Salvadorian president. Throughout the movie, Romero is faced with challenge after challenge from the military and government, but through it all he continued to speak to his people and praising the word of god. The film came to a tragic ending as Archbishop Romero was shot by a hired assassin during mass. Although martyred for his beliefs, his spirit lived on in the Salvadorian people.

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