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The statement of cash flow is the combination of cash that is created from operating, investing, and financial activities of a business. Kohl's Corporation displays a positive trend of cash flows mainly due to an increase in cash from operating and financials activities while reducing negative cash from investing activities. In the operating activities, there is an increase in depreciation costs due to Kohl's active expansion of existing stores while building new stores throughout the country. This expansion has increased the amount of depreciation that is added back as cash flow from $57,724,000 in 1998 to $127,491,000 in 2001. This depreciation cost as a percentage of net sales increased from 1.9% in 1998 to 2.1% in 2001. Another increase in operating activities is an income tax benefit from stock options in 2001 that totaled $99,109,000. Kohl's also experienced a decrease in cash flow due to the increase in accounts receivable. This reduction is due to an increase in proprietary credit card sales. An area that showed poorer performance in the operating activities was merchandising inventories, which increased from $92,583,000 in 1998 to $208,851,000 causing a negative impact on cash flow. This increase is contributed to the expansion of new stores and needed inventories to support the stores.

The investing activities showed a reduction in the cost of acquisition of equipment and favorable lease rights, but an increase in short-term investments. This reduction is the result of the leases providing a minimum annual rent that adjusts to set levels during the lease term. Approximately 52% of the leases provide additional rent based on percentage of sales to be paid when designated levels are achieved. The increase in short-term investments center around expansion and remodeling costs.

A repayment of short-term debt accounted for a negative impact on the cash flow statement in the financial activities. This repayment occurred in 2001 totaling $80,000,000 and resulted from short-term loans for expansion. In 2001, there were proceeds of $80,000,000...

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