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Although there are many examples of successful leaders, they are rarely seen by the common person. Successful leaders will possess many traits including good communication skills, ability to encourage subordinates and team development among other skills. The author has seen an example of successful leadership only one time in nearly 35 years. The example of a successful leader is taken from the author's experience in the U.S. Army where she witnessed many instances of poor leadership but only a solitary occurrence of leadership at its best. This example will be represented and explained below. In addition, the leadership style demonstrated by this leader is discussed as well as how this leader helped to develop the personal leadership style of the author.

Successful Leader

The leader chosen for this assignment is Bob Slovac. Mr. Slovac was a civilian employee, for the Department of Defense, that the author encountered during her time as a radiology technologist in the U.S. Army. The hospital where the author and Mr. Slovac were employed utilized both military and civilian personnel like many U.S. military installations do. Mr. Slovac is the reason that the author became interested in the health care management field of study. Mr. Slovac had many skills and competencies that make him a good example of a successful leader. This example was chosen because the author witnessed Mr. Slovac inspiring others, listening to concerns and communicating with military and civilian personnel alike.

Examples of the Leader's Abilities

The 10 core competencies of leadership as identified by Baptist Leadership Institute are goal achiever, people developer, communicator, team-oriented, innovator, service commitment, organized around priorities, rewards and recognizes, resourceful and personal mastery (Dixon & Bilbrey, 2004). Three examples are provided below to show how Mr. Slovac demonstrated these competencies.
Example 1
One example of Mr. Slovac's efforts covers four of these competencies. Mr. Slovac frequently visited the radiology department to discuss how the team was doing. Being that there were several different shifts, Mr. Slovac even had the courtesy to visit all of them individually so that the afternoon and night employees did not have to adjust their schedule to him. This shows that Mr. Slovac was a communicator, team-oriented, had service commitment and organized around priorities (Dixon & Bilbrey, 2004).
Mr. Slovac took time out of his schedule to take part in the daily routine of the employees on their time and on their terms, which indicates team-orientation because he was concerned with interrupting the schedule of the varying teams (shifts). In addition, these actions imply that Mr. Slovac was a communicator since he wanted to ensure contact with all employees, not just those that were on the main shift (days), in order to hear all concerns or praises in regards to the department. At the same time, Mr. Slovac's efforts...

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