Lgbt Identity Model And Career Development

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Yes, I would administer additional testing for Melissa. I do agree with the original counselor’s assessment that she is not ready to make a decision on her major and possible career avenues. According to Niles and Harris-Bowlsbey, It appears that Melissa is between stage one, becoming aware of the need to make a career decision, and stage two, learning about and evaluating career concepts (2009, p. 161). Without knowing Melissa’s background there could be many reasons why she may be lagging in terms of career development. Some of the possible explanations could be circumstantial, cultural, and personal. All of these reasons could be a valid explanation for why her scores were not conclusive on the Holland inventory. I have seen in my experience, especially with culture, that the test may not be representative of the person taking these. For that fact, I would seek out an alternative assessment tool that may be more suitable for Melissa. I would take into consideration the reliability, validity, normative group, delivery method, and the type of assessment that is used. The assessment that I may use for Melissa is the Big Five personality inventory. The reason why I elected this tool is to get a starting point for Melissa because it tests on broader categories that the Holland assessment. The assessment measures five super traits:
1. Need for Stability – The degree to which we respond to stress.
2. Extraversion – The degree to which we tolerate sensory stimulation from people/situations.
3. Originality – The degree to which we are open to new experiences/
new ways of doing things.
4. Accommodation – The degree to which we defer to others.
5. Consolidation – The degree to which we push toward goals.
I think this broader assessment may provide Melissa with a direction to start researching possible areas of interest. By having a broader idea she can get a sense if she is more creative, independent, if she can handle a high stress career, is she driven or more laid back. As...

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