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Anne Moody has gone through such an exceptionally eventful life that she was able to transform it into a powerful book, "A Coming of Age in Mississippi." All of Anne's childhood not only prepared her for her involvement in the movement during the 1960's, but also kept her inspired and motivated. Anne Moody sees a lot of ups and downs, which causes her to have depressing set backs from time to time. As told through out the book, describing her first twenty-four-years, her uncertainty is justified, yet overall the book does tell a story of success, found not only in Anne's personal life but also in the country. By understanding that in order for the movement to be a success and for there to be hope in the future some drastic changes must occur in people's beliefs. At the end of "A Coming of Age in Mississippi" Anne sees changes, yet is unable to continue with her optimistic attitude that is first seen to be so intense and strong. The trivial changes that occur around Anne are easily gone unnoticed and she continues to doubt and speculate the hopefulness of the future

The story of Anne's childhood must be appreciated in order to understand where her drive, inspiration, and motivation were born. As Anne watches her parents go through the tough times in the South, Anne doesn't understand the reasons as to why their life must this way. In the 1940's, at the time of her youth, Mississippi built on the foundations of segregation. Her mother and father would work out in the fields leaving Anne and her siblings home to raise themselves. Their home consisted of one room and was in no comparison to their white neighbors, bosses. At a very young age Anne began to notice the differences in the ways that they were treated versus the whites in town. Winnie, her grandmother on her mother's side had two white children at her house. Anne was immediately confused by their presence because they seemed to be just like her except for skin color. On one occasion all the children were playing together in the lobby of a movie theater. Anne was with some local white children playing, but when it was time to enter the movie lobby the white children went in one direction and Anne went in after her friends. Her disapproving mother quickly stopped Anne and they left the theater. Before this instance Anne had never considered the coincidence that all the white children watched the movie from the bottom terrace and all the African America children from the top terrace. While thinking about the difference Anne realized that the bottom terrace and side entrance was much more luxurious than the raggedy top terrace, where she and her mother usually sat (38-2). After this the difference in skin color became much more apparent to her in everyday life. Anne was motivated to find the answers as to why she was treated differently because of the color of her skin.

Several years later Anne was fifteen and working for Mrs. Burke, a white lady that ran guild...

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