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Based on my knowledge of the period, and my own personal interests, I would have very much have liked to live in the 1920’s. Not only was this a period of economic prosperity in the United States, but it was also an era of good feelings and fun times for most Americans. Also, there was a rapid expansion of consumerism with the invention of the automobile, and there were no wars going on due to the isolationist foreign policy of America.

First of all, the 20’s were a period of economic prosperity for America. The first World War had just ended, and most of the countries who fought were left in ruins, except for the United States. This meant the United States would have to produce new building material and other products that these nations could no longer produce. This sky-rocketed America to the top of the world’s economy. People got paid more, (men at least), and things were not so expensive anymore, things could be afforded. There were also lots of jobs. It would have been great to live during this period of economic prosperity because I probably would have been able to get a job that paid a decent wage, and I would have been able to better afford things.

Secondly, it was an era of good feelings. According to the American Pageant, the 20’s was a period of class. People dressed up when they went out, and people had a fun time. Everything was “swanky” and “nifty” and most teens in the time were ready to party. Teens were also a revolutionary force, and had a large effect on society, much like teens of today. Basically, it was becoming a young person’s world, and I would have liked to have been a part of that. To be part of any kind of social movement would have been amazing, and especially one as big as the Jazz movement in the 20’s. Teens were staying out later, partying, and doing what they wanted to.

Lastly, feeling safe. In the 1920’s, there were no wars. The United States decided to be isolated, and keeps its doors shut and not meddle in foreign affairs. These days, America is doping bombs on 10...

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