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While most young adults were sleeping in or watching cartoons through the weekend or maybe even still mourning over the recent death of Martin Luther King, Jr., a number of runners from roughly 20 Long Island Junior High Schools completed and participated in a Cross-country meet. The meet took place early Saturday morning at Salisbury Park and had the runners tackle the grueling challenge to run 3 miles at race pace. The miles were much easier to wind through due to the majestic deep woods. Completing the distance was not an easy task along with the rigorous training leading up to it, which is no less impressive. One of the participants was Holling Hoodhood, a young man, only in seventh-grade, that had set a three-mile run record for a Long Island School during the tryouts earlier on.
Although cross-country is a fall sport, the meet and practices have begun this spring just to work up the excitement. Of course, as per usual, there were numerous crowds of people there to positively motivate, support, and cheer on the runners that day. The runners had braved the weather that made for a deceptively chilly and foggy morning, resulting in conditions far from ideal, especially since the grass was long and wet. However, during the last race, the day had begun to get warm and the fog had lifted making many of the runners feel fortunate.
The race started off with 300 intrepid Junior Varsity runners, which left some getting injured towards the end. Following that race was the varsity race with only 140 cross-country runners.
Holling Hoodhood, a varsity runner from Camillo Junior High, won the meet and got a hundred-dollar savings bond. At first, he wasn’t easy to notice due to the fact that he had no uniform on and only the number 113 pinned onto his shirt. Others say it was because he was lined up at the very back before the race had started giving people no attention.
However, as the race progressed, his team of seven was running closest to first place and managed to win...

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