Looking At Life Through A Shadow

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Many people around the world are bullied and forced to believe they are bad people because the way they live their lives. While people say gay marriage is against their religion everyone deserves the right to love, and have the same rights, because gay marriage is beneficial to children and adults everywhere.
People say that it is against their religion to accept gay marriage. The research from Mrs. Cheney who spoke on ABC news said, god won’t accept you, and you won’t go to heave (cheney). God loves all of his children and just because you different does not mean he will not accept you the way you are.
People judge you for the way you live your life. Cheny on ABC news said God said that you can’t love the same sex (Cheney). You should be able to love whoever you want without people telling you things you do not want to hear. Others say you are a disgrace to everyone. You are nasty, you are ugly these are just a few things people say on a daily basis.
On an everyday basis there are people everywhere getting laughed at and made fun of not just for their sexuality. You get told to kill yourself. Nobody like you you’re nasty. But why people say these things to others is unknown.
Gay marriage is beneficial to children and adults. William Meezan said that same-sex marriage may benefit children by increasing the durability and stability of their parent’s relationship (Meezan98). The kids will be happier due to their parent’s stable healthy relationship. They will get the same benefits as a heterosexual family will.
Kids will grow up accepting the differences in everyone. They will learn at an early age that even though people are different it is not okay to make fun of tem or kick them out of the crowd. The kids that grow up around this are less likely to make fun of others. They will also learn to accept everyone for the person they are.
Kids will have everything they need. William Meezan says that it doesn’t matter the sex of the parents (Meezan98) Parents are going to be parents regardless of their love live. They will still get their kids the materials, education, and love needed. Same-sex couples with children will be beneficial. William Meezan said that it will bring social acceptance (Meezan98). They will grow up around it bringing friends around it which will allow their friends to see and accept it which then shows other kids. So they will spread it around allowing everyone to experience being around it and learn to accept it. Adolescents have experienced same sex attractions to. KL Collier says 48.1% Female and 51.9% male, on third of adolescents have experienced same sex attractions (Collier11). That shows that it is becoming more common.
Homosexuals will ge the same rights as everyone else. They will get many benefits. These benefits include social security, welfare, life insurance, tax returns together, and spouse security. That means that they can get everything...

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