Lorenzo’s Oil: Patient Rights Essay

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Imagine you are in a horrific accident. As they are rushing you into the back of the ambulance, all you can hear are blasting sirens and a swarm of familiar voices. Your vision is blurry but you can make out the people in the ambulance with you. In panic, you scream and demand to know what is going on but no one responds. Suddenly, you feel yourself becoming weak and pass out. Hours later, you are awake in a hospital bed. Looking around, you notice your parents speaking to the doctor. The doctor explains to your parents that they ordered a CT scan, a routine procedure that occurs after a severe accident such as this one. He continues to say that they found a tumor in your brain. Your parents are devastated and shocked but the doctor attempts to reassure them by providing them with a list of treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Of course your parents intend to follow through with these procedures but after some time of chemotherapy you feel as if it is not worth it anymore. However, your parents think they should decide your health decisions because of your age and that you should keep fighting because things will eventually get better. Despite their encouragement, you have your mind made up that you want to stop chemotherapy. Regardless of your age, should your voice be heard and recognized?
I strongly believe that you should have a voice in deciding whether to continue or discontinue your treatments. I do not think that age is a factor in determining if you should have a voice. As long as you are in a logical state of mind you should be able to make decisions that affect your life. It is your life to live and if you do not wish to live it this way then others should take note of your thoughts and feelings. Even though your parents are doing what they think is best, they are not considering your point of view. This is present in the movie, Lorenzo’s Oil. Lorenzo’s parents set out to find a treatment to save him. They researched and came upon oil that was able to halt the progress of the disease. However, by the time they found a cure, Lorenzo had missed out on fundamental years of his childhood. He was eventually confined to a bed, paralyzed and unable to speak. I felt that this was unfair. Even though I admired his parent’s consistency and determination, I felt that they were unable to see the situation through Lorenzo’s perspective. However, Michaela’s sister was able to see that this fight was no...

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