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Juliet looks up weary at her husband because she knows she is not going to last very much longer under these circumstances. She's at the prime age of 88 and her husband, Romeo, is at the age of 91. Juliet and Romeo have been together around 74 years and it does not look like they will be together very much longer because Juliet is getting weaker and sicker as every day goes by. She starts tearing up as she rubs his face as she always has for so many years now and knows that he has always been her Romeo as she had been his Juliet which makes her start crying harder. Juliet tells him not to worry as she sees Romeo tearing up also and tells him to make her a very special promise. The promise ...view middle of the document...

Back then she had laughed and said yeah right but now look at them. 74 years and tons of memories later they are having to say goodbye to each other. Her smile fades to a frown and Romeo knows they both are thinking the same thing. Why does it have to end like this? He knows he can not keep the promise to her because he had already made the promise in high school. He feels Juliet tenses up as she always did right before she began crying and slowly starts singing to her, huggging her, and having to hold back his tears for her sake. He remembers her first high school dance as if it was yesterday. She had wore a gray and black dress that her father had not liked because of the back of it being a little short. This had been the first dance Romeo had ever went to with a girl and not just friends. Oh how excited he had been to take her to her first high school dance! He kisses her forehead and says that he will always be there for her no matter how far away they are.

Juliet begins talking about how they both attended West Virginia University after she graduate high school three years later than him. Romeo, do you remember all those nights where we spent all night studying for exam? Romeo looks at Juliet and sees her give him that sweet smile he loves so much. Romeo continues looking at her and shouts how could I forget! They had both taken most of the same classes since they both were going into the medical field. In college, they were know as the ultimate couple because by the time they went to college they had 4 years of a relationship under their belts. They went from barely knowing each other to now knowing everything about each other and having a life with the other person. Romeo and Juliet rarely ever fought but when they did it was usually over something pathetic and stupid which meant they usually ended up laughing it off. Romeo proposed to Juliet at their dinner the night after they graduated. Oh she had been so happy! What about if back then the doctors found out Juliet was slowly growing sick over the past 50 years? Would they be having to say good bye to each other so soon?

Soon after graduating college, Juliet finds out she is pregnant with a little baby boy. WIth the money saved from working in college they decided to buy a farmhouse in the country. Romeo knew how much Juliet loved the country and this is where they have spent their whole adult lives together. Soon after moving in, they began a garden in the back yard. Romeo then asks...

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